José Carlos González: Brand Owner Behind Juan More Time Tequila

José Carlos González: Brand Owner Behind Juan More Time Tequila

One man’s commitment to making the best craft tequila possible, using traditional Mexican methods and farm-fresh ingredients

“We consciously plow mother earth, so that it keeps on giving us life.”

So says José Carlos González, or J.C. as he’s known to friends, family and fellow members of the craft tequila community.

J.C. is brand owner at Juan More Time Tequila, an artisanal, organic independent distillery and craft tequila brand that’s been cooking up handmade tequilas from scratch since 2015. 

As an 18 year veteran of the wine and spirit industry, J.C. has emerged as one of the craft tequila movement’s most enduring and inspiring personalities. 

“I consider myself as a leader, creative and entrepreneurial,” J.C. tells us.

“I improvise and work under pressure with efficiency and effectiveness at the highest level.”

Armed with an unrivaled work ethic, proven track record, plenty of experience and a commitment to resurrecting traditional distilling processes that date back to the early 20th century, J.C. is ready to bring the best of Mexican tequila culture to the masses. 

Juan More Time Tequila’s secret ingredients

From Blanco to Reposado, when it comes to making quality craft tequila, the two biggest contributing factors are ingredients and technique. 

According to J.C., there are two very special ingredients that make Juan More Time Tequila so extraordinary.

It all begins with the agave plants they use. 

To be classed a true “tequila”, as opposed to agave-based spirits or mezcal, it must be made from blue agave, a perennial succulent. Rather than any of the other 200+ known species of agave plants. Additionally, to be a tequila it has to be made in Jalisco or a handful of other Mexican municipalities. 

J.C. and the team at Juan More Time Tequila are very particular about exactly what type of blue agave plants go into making their decorated craft tequila. 

“We only use Agaves from seven years onwards,” J.C. tells us.  “Which gives a unique flavor, due to the amount of sugars contained in each pineapple.”

“Pineapple” is the nickname given to the “piñas”, or hearts, of the blue agave plant because of their uncanny resemblance to the tropical fruit. 

Piñas Wait To Be Cooked

The piñas, or “pineapples” as J.C. calls them, are the star of Juan More Time’s craft tequila.

These massive sugar-rich cores of the blue agave plant can weigh anywhere from 80 to 200 pounds once the tall, spiny leaves around them have been removed. 

“Our Agaves have the most recognized certifications in the world,” J.C. proudly points out. 

The second secret ingredient that goes into every small batch of craft tequila distilled at Juan More Time Tequila


“Time is essential. And the most important factor of our artisanal and organic process,” J.C. informs us. 

“Our agave azul production starts with planting, sowing, tending and select harvesting in Amatitan; the Lowlands of Jalisco,” says J.C. 

“The core “piñas” are baked in a volcanic stone oven,” he continues. “The juice is naturally fermented. And the distillation is taken care of in detail by the hands of our team of Tequila Masters.”

“Each bottle is a unique piece. It is part of Mexico. Of our culture.”

The craft tequila from Juan More Time Tequila

You’ve got two choices when shopping Juan More Time Tequila. But deciding between their Blanco and Reposado is easier said than done.

Because both of these award-winning craft tequilas have the true spirit of Mexico inside them.

Blanco is tequila in its purest form, unaged and newly distilled. 

Because Juan More Time Tequila Blanco is untouched by oak barrels, what you taste is pure, certified organic agave plants that are allowed to grow for a minimum of seven years in order to reach peak palatability. 

Juan More Time Tequila takes mature agave and cooks it in a traditional volcanic stone oven for up to 40 hours. Which helps release the craft tequila’s sweet vanilla, nut, butter and cocoa aromas. 

Juan More Time Tequila Blanco delivers delightful and complex herbal flourishes; flavors like basil, fresh anise and eucalyptus shine before finishing off with cinnamon and spice. 

Juan More Time’s Craft Tequila

Reposado and Blanco, the craft tequila options from Juan More Time Tequila.

But maybe you’re thirsty for a craft tequila that has spent some time resting in oak barrels. One that’s perfect for Margaritas and other mixed drinks. 

Juan More Time Tequila Reposado spends eight months relaxing in American oak barrels, softening the taste of agave azul harvested in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Effortlessly smooth and positively herbaceous, you get all goodness of cooked agave but with added flashes of oaky flavor absorbed from all those long months taking a rest with the wood. 

Juan More Time Tequila’s quest for the best craft tequila

J.C. describes Juan More Time Tequila as a, “small brand with big attributes.” 

He’s proud to say that, “We generate work for our artisan friends from the region and we consciously plow mother earth, so that it keeps on giving us life.” 

Harvesting Agave For Juan More Time Tequila

The agave harvested for Juan More Time Tequila is at least seven years old.

And it’s made them popular with Fontana, California locals and craft spirit competition judges alike, earning awards and medals at prestigious events like the SIPS Awards and San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 

While the accolades are definitely appreciated and J.C. is proud of his products’ accomplishments, he didn’t get into the craft tequila game for ribbons and trophies. 

According to J.C., the moment his idea for Juan More Time Tequila went from concept to concrete came “when a group of friends, passionate about Mexico and its spirits, agreed that it was time to gather years of friendship and knowledge, in order to create their own brand of Tequila.”

His mind was made up.

“We decided to spread the flavor of Mexico throughout the whole world.”

Looking ahead with Juan More Time Tequila

For J.C., the most rewarding part of doing things his way at Juan More Time Tequila is, “When consumers appreciate all the work and quality inside the bottle; when they taste the real flavor of the spirit.”

From their harvesting of mature, organic blue agave, to a natural fermentation and their hand bottling and labeling process, Juan More Time Tequila is everything that a true independent distillery ought to be.

Hand-Labelling Bottles of Craft Tequila

Making craft tequila takes a keen attention to detail, like hand-labelling every bottle. 

And as such, their exceptional craft tequila are anything but ordinary. 

“Quality, knowledge and truth.” 

J.C. claims that’s the Juan More Time Tequila difference.  

His goals for the future are simple, noble and inspirational. 

He wants Juan More Time Tequila to, “Be recognized as a small brand that grows from their quality of doing things well, having fun and giving friends happiness with our products, in order to enjoy time by connecting through real experiences.”

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