Five Uses for a Snifter Glass

Five Uses for a Snifter Glass

Some call them the best brandy glasses, but they’re more than that. Let Spirit Hub teach you the ways of the snifter glass.

What comes to mind when you hear snifter glass? What about brandy snifter? 

To some, the bulbous stemware might seem overly sophisticated. Maybe even a little snooty. It can conjure mental images of people that look an awful lot like Rich Uncle Pennybags.

The distinct snifter glass that reminds you of your monocled uncle serves a delicious purpose. It also has a long history.

The word ‘snifter’ originated in the 19th century, but the use of the glass spans millennia. 

Though they weren’t called ‘snifters’ back then, they’ve been written about by Roman statesmen, and they’re on display on the table of Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’. 

There’s a good reason why snifters glasses have been popular for so long. 

Snifters serve a variety of purposes, and all of them lead you to the same place. 

Savoring delicious flavors. 

Why use a snifter glass?

Need we say more than a snifter is a tool for savoring delicious flavors? And it’s a particularly useful tool at that. 

Though they come in a variety of sizes, some taller, some stouter, all snifter glasses share two key qualities. 

The first is their round, bulbous body. Never filled up fully, the rounded glass provides your craft spirit a larger surface area. 

All that space gives your favorite meticulously crafted spirit room to breathe. 

And that does wonders for your craft spirit’s aromatics, allowing the perfumes to mingle in the bulb-like glass. 

Which brings us to the second reason to put a snifter glass to use. 

What’s a snifter glass doing that your favorite tumbler isn’t?

Another trademark feature of the snifter is it’s smaller, narrower opening. 

The snifter’s tighter opening helps concentrate all of the delicate aromas that have been brewing inside the rounded glass. 

Without the glass’s narrow mouth, the build up of marvelous perfumes would just escape the glass. 

Snifter Glasses, Tailor-Made For Tasting

Trap the spirit’s unforgettable aromas with the unique shape of snifter glasses.

While a tumbler, martini glass or hi-ball glass might offer the same amount of surface area, those popular glasses aren’t trapping the aromas like a snifter does. 

You know what trapped aromas means for you? 

A fuller, richer taste. Because just like the annoying kid in fifth grade would constantly remind you, ninety percent of taste is actually smell. 

So get to sniffing. 

When should you use a snifter glass?

Ask a handful of people about what to put in your snifter glass, and you’ll be met with a handful of seemingly combating answers. 

Some will call it a brandy snifter, saying that it’s the best brandy glass. 

Others will swear that it’s a whiskey snifter, and nothing else. 

There are those that will tell you it is definitively called a bourbon snifter glass.

Bourbon, Whiskey And Brandy Snifters

Whiskey, bourbon, or brandy, snifters can – and should – be used for all your favorite spirits.

They do have one thing in common, though. All of them will assure you that you’ve never truly experienced your brandy, whiskey or bourbon until you’ve had it out of a snifter. 

But we here at Spirit Hub are here to set the record straight. 

Get out a pen and paper because this is important. You’re going to want to write this down.

They’re all right. 

You can, and should, use snifter glasses for brandy. And whiskey. And bourbon. 

Also rum. 

That’s another thing that makes the snifter glass so useful. It’s wildly versatile.  Any number of delightfully aromatic craft spirits and be enhanced with the use of a snifter glass.

What else do you need?

What could be better than a glass that boosts the aromas and flavors of your entire collection of craft spirits?

Some people might worry about looking overly sophisticated with a snifter glass, but what’s snooty about flavorful spirits?

And if we’re really being honest, there’s something about pouring a craft spirit into a beautiful crystal snifter that makes the whole experience just a little bit sexier.

They smell good. 

They taste good. 

They look good. 

That’s pretty great glass, no?

The best news about all of this? 

Here’s the best thing you’ll hear all day. Well, the best thing you’ll read.  

Spirit Hub has what you need to get started snifting something delicious all on your own.

Whatever you call it, we have those whiskey, bourbon or brandy glasses for sale. Call it a small brandy snifter or a bourbon snifter glass, we’re ready to ship them straight to your doorstep alongside your favorite craft spirits. 

Our ever-growing collection of 1,200+ craft spirits fits perfectly into our Spiegelau Snifters.

The Best Brandy Snifters

Enhance the uncommon craft experience with snifter glasses for your favorite spirits.

Whether it’s high mountain rum from the snow covered peaks of Colorado, or a mesquite smoked whiskey inspired by the heat of the Sonoran Desert.  A Tennessee bourbon with 140 years of family history, or apple brandy from a family-run apple orchard in Washington. 

Shuffle through our craft spirit catalogue, the options are endless. 

We can tell you one thing with certainty. 

When you pair masterfully crafted spirits with a beautiful crystal snifter glass you’re in for a special experience. 

Let Spirit Hub bring that delightfully delicious experience straight to you. 

Go on, take your pick.

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