10 Craft Cocktails to Make Along with Spirit Hub

10 Craft Cocktails to Make Along with Spirit Hub

With Spirit Hub’s collection of all things craft, you don’t need to be a mixologist to shake up easy,  impressive craft cocktails

If you’re looking for new, easy and refreshing ways to enjoy our extensive collection of 1,200+ craft spirits, we’ve got good news. Just one click away, you’ll find a new range of products that make enjoying craft spirits and popular craft cocktails that much easier. 

From mixers and cocktail syrups to essential bar tools and exquisite glassware, Spirit Hub has everything you need to turn your home bar into an award-worthy craft cocktail lounge. 

Whip up something perfect every time with cocktail syrups and mixers from Swoon, Tippleman’s, Pratt Standard, Hella Cocktail Co, and Bittermilk. And the collection just keeps growing. 

Find bitters for making astounding Old Fashioneds on warm nights in. Or the perfect Margarita mix for your next backyard blowout. 

Exceptional craft cocktail ingredients may make the drink, but glassware sets the mood. 

From martini glasses to tumblers and decanters, you’ll find it all here. Even bar tool sets and ice molds that’ll have you shaking, mixing, pouring and serving like a professional in no time. 

Now to get you started down the path towards home-mixologist-extraordinaire, we’ve put together this list of recipes for some of the easiest, quickest craft cocktails you need to try right now. 

All of which can be made with products now available from Spirit Hub.

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Ambassador's Cadillac Margarita

It’s not always easy getting the gang together. So when you’re lucky enough to have everyone around the table, you better be prepared. Grab your favorite pitcher, some Swoon Margarita Mix, KGB Spirits’ Naranjo Orange Liqueur and a bottle of Embajador Premium. It’s time to mix up some of Embajador Tequila’s Ambassador's Cadillac Margarita. Give everyone a splash of this craft cocktail! Plenty of room in the Cadillac for everybody at the party.

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Grand Bay Gin & Tonic

A gin and tonic might be one of the easiest drinks to make. But the Grand Bay Gin and Tonic makes you look like a master mixologist with just a few ingredients. Hugh Wesley’s Gin from John Emerald Distilling Company and Bittermilk Charred Grapefruit Tonic form an impressive craft cocktail foundation. Pick out all the craft cocktail ingredients, bar tools and glassware that you love, and we’ll bring them to you. So you can put your attention to picking out the perfect movie to watch with your G&T.

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Smartie Pants

Looking to impress when it’s your turn to host? Fix your guests a Smartie Pants courtesy of California’s RE:FIND Distillery. This quick and easy craft cocktail will have your friends thinking you’ve been harboring a hidden talent all your life.Better yet, between the glassware, the RE:FIND Gin and the Bittermilk Tom Collins Mix, everything you need is just a couple clicks away from being delivered right to your door. 

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Beach Coma

There’s nothing like basking in the summer sun, catching some rays with a craft cocktail in hand. Maybe some Z’s, too. Everything you need to make a Beach Coma courtesy of Northern Latitudes Distillery is just a couple clicks away. So fill up your cart with cocktail glasses, a shaker, Pratt Standard Simple Syrup, and Northern Latitudes Distillery’s Limoncello De Leelanau and Manitou Passage Rum.

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Strawberry Moon

A campfire, good friends and a shining moon. Those are the ingredients for a great night. Add an easy-to-make craft cocktail to the mix, and that night becomes unforgettable with a Strawberry Moon cocktail. Make something everyone can enjoy with Howling Moon Distillery’s Strawberry Moon. It starts with Howling Moon Strawberry Moonshine and True Grenadine Syrup from Pratt Standard. And ends with a night full of memories to last a lifetime. 

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Black-Eyed Rye

Delicious blackberry flavors and high-rye Xplorer Bourbon Whiskey make Kilimanjaro Distillery’s Black-Eyed Rye. Give the craft cocktail the punch of blackberry it deserves with Pratt Standard’s Blackberry Mint cocktail syrup. Fresh sprigs of mint make this quick and easy craft cocktail perfect for any occasion.

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Golden Dragon

If you’re setting out on a quest to collect a treasure, you’re going to need a sidekick. Might we suggest Dragon Distillery’s Golden Dragon? Spirit Hub has everything you need to concoct the delectable craft cocktail ally and prepare for the daunting journey. The elixir is a quick and easy craft cocktail made with Dragon Distillery’s Longbow Lemon Vodka and Pratt Standard’s True Tonic Syrup.

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Humboldt's Bramble

To make Humboldt’s Bramble by Humboldt Distillery, you’re going to need to pull out all the stops. But don’t worry. We’ll walk you through the deceptively simple process. From the shaker, to the muddler, to the strainer, to the highball glass. We’ve got you covered. Oh yeah, we also have all the ingredients you need for this craft cocktail. Humboldt’s Finest, New Columbia Distillers’ Capitoline Dry Vermouth and Ginger Syrup from Pratt Standard.

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Dolphin Daiquiri

Nothing says vacation like seeing dolphins swimming in the ocean. Let us help you create that same vibe at home with a craft cocktail for your staycation. From Crystal Rum to Amaretto to Tippleman’s Double Spiced Falernum and Swoon Simple Syrup. We have what you need to whip up a Dolphin Daiquiri from Wicked Dolphin in the perfect glass. Let’s bring home some sunshine!

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Nectarine Whiskey Smash

As the name suggests you’re going to have to smash and muddle your way through Liberty Pole Spirits’ Nectarine Whiskey Smash. But with all the bar tools and craft cocktail ingredients that Spirit Hub has to offer, this smash becomes a walk in the park. Liberty Pole Bourbon and Tippleman’s Burnt Sugar Simple Syrup make this a Nectarine Whiskey Smash. Pick out some glassware, and make this craft cocktail all your own.

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