The 10 Best Rums for Mojitos

Everyone agrees that the mojito was created in Cuba, but the exact origin is disputed. Regardless of who’s credited with the creation of the classic rum cocktail, we’re just happy someone did. Now we get to fill our glasses with the minty rum drink.

If you’re getting ready to make a batch of mojitos, pick up some mint, simple syrup and soda. But the real question is, which rum are you going to use?

Don’t search the world over. Here’s a collection of 10 of the best rums for making mojitos. And to make your life just a little bit easier, we’ve broken down our rum selection into categories, so you pick the perfect rum for your mojito.

Best White Rum

Some call it “white” rum, some “silver,” others might call it “light.” But it all translates to the same thing. White rum is defined by its lack of color and sweeter flavors, terrific for crafting cocktails.

Ten to One Caribbean White Rum

A blend of two rum styles from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, Ten to One Caribbean White Rum brings a whole lot of flavor to your mojito. With herbal, grassy aromas and a zesty body with notes of white pepper and lemongrass, Ten to One Rum will give your mojito recipe a little zing.

Port of Entry Rum

Welcome guests to your home with a mojito made with Port of Entry Rum. This white from from End of Days Distillery is surprisingly complex. Port of Entry Rum is sweet and buttery with a rich body. And that’s why it’s a rum that’ll work wonders on your mojito, because it gives dimension without ever being overpowering.

Roulaison Traditional Pot Distilled Rum

Roulaison Distilling Co. brings rum back to its pre-industrial roots with their Traditional Pot Distilled Rum. Made with an alembic pot still, Roulaison adheres to time-tested rum-making traditions. And the result is a rum perfect for making mojitos that’s filled with sweet notes of pineapple and pear and a long smoky finish.

Best Flavored & Coconut Rums

From apple and mango to pineapple and lime, rum can be infused with a wide range of flavors. One of the most popular rum flavors — for cocktail and poolside sipping — is coconut.

Kula Toasted Coconut Rum

Add warm flavors of caramel, vanilla and toasted coconut to your mojito recipe with Kula Toasted Coconut Rum. Coming from the Hawaii-based Kula Rum, this golden hued rum is kissed with just a hint of caramel. Silky smooth, and proofed slightly lower than average, Kula Toasted Coconut Rum won’t overpower your mojito.

Coconut Carolina Rum

Muddy River Distillery had one mission when they set out to make their Coconut Carolina Rum: bring island flavors inland. Rich coconut flavor runs throughout every drop of this small batch rum. Coconut Carolina Rum gives your mojito recipe a creamy body and delicious sun-kissed coconut flavor.

Basil Carolina Rum

We can’t talk about unique flavored rums without mentioning another from the Muddy River portfolio: Basil Carolina Rum. A favorite of the North Carolina distillery’s owner, this rum is infused with local Genovese Basil, giving it a light green tint and a burst of herbal flavor. Basil Carolina Rum is perfect for freshening up your mojito recipe.

Best Affordable Rum

Two people’s definition of “affordable” could vary wildly. So here are some rums that give you, and your mojitos, the best bang for your buck.

SelvaRey White Rum

SelvaRey is on a mission to redefine the rum category. In fact, the stunning SelvaRey White Rum is actually a blend of three and five year old rums. Filtering the rum through charcoal removes the color but keeps all the wondrous flavor. From the mind of Bruno Mars, SelvaRey White Rum takes your mojito recipe to new heights.

River City Rum

This exceptional rum comes from Indiana. And while that may not be the origin you’re imagining for your rum, River City Rum from Three Rivers Distilling Co. will have you changing your tune. Notes of floral arrangements, citrus zest and a lingering sweetness punctuate River City Rum, and will give your mojito an added layer of flavor. 

Best Cheap Rum

“Cheap” might not be the word you want associated with your rum. But there’s no bad rum here. For us, “cheap” refers to one thing and one thing only: the price point. Some folks would call these a steal!

Dented Brick Craft Rum

Two crucial ingredients make up Dented Brick Craft Rum: Virgin Island rum and limestone-filtered water from the distillery’s artesian well. Dented Brick Distillery’s craft rum is filled with refreshing flavors like agave nectar, green apple, and coconut, making for a unique, invigorating mojito recipe.

4 Spirits Silver Rum

Here’s a crowd-pleasing rum from Oregon’s veteran-owned 4 Spirits Distillery that’s perfect for making mojitos. 4 Spirits Silver Rum is bright and complex, highlighting rum’s natural sweetness. Rich notes of sugarcane and molasses are underscored by hints of tropical fruit, including passionfruit.

If you need a mojito recipe…


  • 2 oz. Rum
  • 1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
  • .25 oz. Simple Syrup
  • Soda Water, to top
  • Mint, for garnish & muddling


  • Muddle mint leaves with simple syrup and lime juice
  • Add rum and stir until chilled
  • Top with soda and garnish!