The 10 Best Sipping Tequilas

People conjure a lot of images when they think of tequila. Some people’s minds go to margaritas. Some people think of salty hands and limes. Others recall spine-tingling shots of something they picked up below the bottom shelf.

But when it comes to tequila, what you should be thinking about is sipping tequilas. Tequilas that are aged to perfection and stand up to the finest bourbons and scotches. Sounds pretty good, right?

We thought so, too. So here’s our roundup of the 10 best sipping tequilas that are one click away from your front door.

Casa Dragones Añejo Barrel Blend

A masterful blend of two different añejo tequilas, Casa Dragones Añejo is a terrific sipping tequila fans of any aged spirit will enjoy. One tequila is aged in French Oak, the other in American Oak. Together, they’re the perfect blend.

Casa Dragones Añejo Barrel Blend Tequila has fresh, floral and fruity aromas with notes of macadamia nut, nutmeg and blackberries. Its long finish is punctuated with hints of cacao and spicy black pepper.

Casamigos Reposado

A lot of time goes into Casamigos Reposado Tequila. Fully matured 7–9 year-old agave, roasted for 72 hours in traditional brick ovens, plus an 80-hour fermentation process, and finally seven years in American White Oak barrels. All that time adds up to one terrific sipping tequila.

All that’s to say, patience isn’t only a virtue, it’s also one of Casamigos Reposado’s most crucial ingredients. This sipper is filled with notes of dried fruit and spicy oak with just a touch of sweet agave.

Rey Sol Tequila Extra Añejo

Here’s a sipping tequila you simply cannot ignore. And that all starts with the beautiful decanter designed by famed Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante. But the artistry doesn’t stop with the decanter. The 6-year-old tequila inside the bottle is every bit as beautiful.

Rey Sol Extra Añejo runs the gamut of robust aromas from oak to hazelnut to dried fruit. The body is sweet and dominated by notes of sturdy oak that eventually give way to a lasting finish of chocolate and almond.

Tears of Llorona Extra Añejo

Five years and three different barrels. That’s the secret behind Tears of Llorona Extra Añejo Tequila. Master Distiller Germán González originally made this exquisite tequila exclusively for friends and family. Now you’ll be thankful you’re in that inner circle.

Aging in scotch, sherry and brandy barrels make for a tequila that needs to be sipped. Tears of Llorona is rich with notes of cherry and chocolate that pave the way for a lingering, luscious sherry finish.

Don Julio 1942

This sipping tequila is a handcrafted tribute to the original Don Julio. 1942 is named for the year Don Julio González started down the path toward tequila mastery. Aged for at least two years, Don Julio 1942 is a must for every celebration.

An ultra luxurious spirit, Don Julio 1942 is incredibly rich, flowing with notes of warm oak, vanilla and roasted agave. The warm lingering finish makes Don Julio 1942 perfect neat or on the rocks.

The Bad Stuff Extra Añejo

Three is a magic number. And The Bad Stuff Extra Añejo Tequila is aged for three years and backed by three generations of tequila expertise. This old family masterpiece is made with fully matured agave caramelized in traditional ovens and aged in French Oak casks.

The Bad Stuff Extra Añejo has an almost bakery-like quality. The nose has warm hints of nutmeg and allspice that lead into peppery, woody, and smoky notes. There’s nothing bad about this sipping tequila.

Don Fulano Añejo

Don Fulano Añejo is a cognac-like tequila that’s made to be sipped. It develops its fine flavor profile over three years in both Limousin and Nevers Oak casks that used to hold wine. If you enjoy robust bourbon or rich cognac after dinner, give Don Fulano a try.

Filled with depth and complexity, Don Fulano Añejo has lavish notes of spice and hints of honey, caramelized nuts and toasted coconut. A subtle dark chocolate finish makes it great for post-dinner indulgence.

Cincoro Añejo

Before it spends any time in used whiskey barrels, Cincoro Tequila was something special. But after two years resting, it’s transformed into an extravagant spirit. The Tennessee whiskey barrels lend a unique woodiness to Cincoro Añejo that lingers throughout.

But this sipping tequila isn’t a one note experience. Cincoro Añejo Tequila is punctuated by sweet aromas of maple and cooked agave, rich notes of butterscotch and dark chocolate, and a long developing finish.

Casamigos Añejo

Another exercise in patience courtesy of Casamigos. On top of all the time it takes to make their Reposado, Casamigos Añejo Tequila spends more than a year in American Oak barrels developing refined layers of flavor.

Casamigos Añejo Tequila is perfectly balanced. This smooth sipper welcomes you with soft caramel and vanilla aromas, and its flavor toes the line between sweet agave and oaky spice.

Casa del Sol Añejo Angel’s Reserve

Casa del Sol stands as an ode to the Aztec goddess of agave, Mayahuel, and the natural beauty of golden hour. That beauty is on full display in Casa del Sol Añejo Angel’s Reserve. Inside this elegantly adorned bottle sits one of the most luxurious sipping tequilas out there.

Casa del Sol Añejo Angel’s Reserve is a blend of Añejo and Extra Añejo tequilas aged in French Oak and old XO Cognac casks. It’s a beautiful marriage of honey, toffee and dried fruit notes.