The 10 Best Vodkas for Bloody Marys

Bloody Marys make for an unforgettable brunch cocktail, especially when the night before was a little too rambunctious. But there’s a lot of work that goes into making the hangover-curing cocktail. Picking out the perfect garnishes, the right hot sauce, the list goes on.

Picking out the best vodka for your Bloody Mary shouldn’t be the hold up, so we put together a list of the ten best vodkas the hair-of-the-dog favorite.

Horseradish Vodka

This vodka is so perfect for Bloody Marys, it’s written right there on the label. “For the Bloodiest Mary Ever.” If you like your brunch cocktail with an extra kick, there’s only one choice: Horseradish Vodka from Northern Latitudes Distillery.

This fiery libation delivers on its name’s promise. Horseradish Vodka is filled with fiery notes of raw horseradish root. There’s a dozen different ways to enjoy this spicy spirit, but it’s at its best in a Bloody Mary.

Tarnished Truth AVA Vodka

AVA Vodka is so luxurious, it’s made in a 5-star hotel. So if you’re looking to make a restaurant quality Bloody Mary, this vodka from Tarnished Truth should be the base. Made from locally sourced corn, AVA Vodka is clean, smooth and slightly sweet.

“Elegant” might not be the word that comes to mind when you think of your favorite Bloody Mary. Making it with Tarnished Truth AVA Vodka will change that.

Vodka in a Football Decanter

Tailgating just got tastier. Kick off Sundays with the Bloody Marys made with the perfect vodka for football fans. Canton Distillery Vodka comes in a football decanter, but this bottle isn’t only eye-catching, it’s impossibly smooth, too.

So when your favorite team hits the field, skip the beer and nachos. Put together a hearty batch of Bloody Marys, made with only the football’s favorite vodka: Canton Distillery Vodka.

Leelanau Vodka

This is the first selection from the Northern Latitudes Distiller’s Series. And it’s made from 100% Leelanau County cherries. No, it’s not cherry-flavored vodka. But you will experience the full flavor of Northern Michigan.

Leelanau Vodka is produced in very limited quantities, so get it while you can. Because this clean vodka makes extraordinary Bloody Marys.

Legends 80 Vodka

Looking to make a legendary Bloody Mary? Well, look no further than Legends 80 Vodka. All of the best parts of your favorite top-shelf vodka are taken to new heights in this vodka from Legends Distillery.

Super pure, super clean, and super smooth, Legends 80 Vodka effortlessly elevates your Bloody Mary, giving it a great base and letting the other ingredients shine.

Three Rivers Hint of Jala’ Jalapeño Vodka

This vodka from Three Rivers Distilling Co. is made in very small batches, but has a huge wallop of flavor. Hint of Jala’ is made with a deliciously spicy combination of raw and charred jalapeños. And it’ll add a kick to your Bloody Mary.

The pair of raw and charred jalapeños makes for a sip that’s equal parts smoky and spicy. Get a bottle of Hint of Jala’ and kick your Bloody Mary up a notch.

Grand Teton Potato Vodka

Potato vodka from Idaho is an absolute must. Grand Teton Distillery sits under the peaks of the Teton Mountains, how could they not take advantage of the state’s signature product? Grand Teton Potato Vodka is full-bodied and flavorful.

With notes of coconut water and marshmallow fluff, Grand Teton Potato Vodka adds a subtle layer of flavor to underscore the rest of your signature Bloody Mary toppings.

Jackscrew Vodka

Wolf Point Distilling makes spirits filled with Chicago history. But none come with a more interesting story than Jackscrew Vodka. Wolf Point’s vodka was inspired by an engineering feat that required the city to be physically raised by several feet.

An homage to that engineering marvel, Jackscrew Vodka is simply marvelous. Refined, clean, and smooth, it’s the perfect base for your Bloody Mary.

Old Dominick Memphis Vodka

Here’s a true Tennessee vodka. Old Dominick Distillery makes their signature from the same mash as their whiskey. The resulting Memphis Vodka is unlike any other vodka you’ve ever had. It’s a little earthy and a little sweet with just a touch of heat.

Old Dominick Memphis Vodka’s flavor isn’t overpowering, so it won’t steal the spotlight in your Bloody Mary, but it will add a unique flare.

Grand Traverse True North Rye Vodka

Rye grows abundantly in Grand Traverse Distillery’s backyard, so the Michigan distillery puts the grain on full display. True North Rye Vodka has all of the grain’s signature spice with warm notes of fresh baked bread.

With notes of warming spice, True North Rye Vodka is the perfect companion for the tabasco and the rest of the Bloody Mary’s spicy elements.

If you need a Bloody Mary recipe…


  • 1.5 oz Vodka
  • 0.5 oz Lemon Juice
  • 3 oz. Tomato Juice
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Hot Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce

1. Add dashes of Worcestershire Sauce, hot sauce, salt and pepper to glass
2. Add ice cubes, then pour vodka, lemon juice and tomato juice
3. Stir gently and garnish

OR… If you want to skip all those steps, check out our collection of Bloody Mary mixers.

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