The 10 Best Vodkas for Martinis

It feels like the only way to start a post about martinis — vodka or otherwise — is the cliché way. So we’re going for it.

“Shaken, not stirred.”

Great, now we’re past it. Secret agents aside, the martini has become one of the most recognized cocktails on the planet. Traditionally, martinis are made with gin. But the piney, floral flavors of gin aren’t for everyone. That’s where vodka comes in.

A vodka martini has a cleaner, more neutral flavor compared to its gin counterparts. To get you started making amazing vodka martinis, we put together a list of the ten best vodkas for making martinis.

Driftless Glen Premium Vodka

When you’re making a martini, you need a pristine vodka. Look no further than Wisconsin’s Driftless Glen. Driftless Glen Premium Vodka is handcrafted with crisp water from the Driftless area — they say the water’s crisper because of the area’s sandy soil. This vodka is ultra-smooth, creating a perfect base for your martini.

Down East Vodka

If you care about the finer details, Down East Vodka from Silver Tree Beer and Spirits is the vodka you need for your martini. This vodka isn’t just made, it’s grown. Down East Vodka is made with a proprietary wheat grain on a fifth generation organic farm. It’s a wholly new experience, and it will transform your martini.

Legends 80 Vodka

What can we say? Martinis made with Legends 80 Vodka are simply legendary. This award-winning vodka from Georgia’s Legends Distillery takes a step above top-shelf. Legends 80 is ultra-refined and unforgettably smooth. What more could you want from the vodka you’re about to stir up into a martini? 

Michigan Winter Wheat Vodka

Grain to glass, this vodka has been in the trusty hands of the folks at Iron Fish Distillery. From the first time it was bottled, Michigan Winter Wheat Vodka was an instant classic. Subtly sweet and surprisingly refreshing, this craft vodka has the taste of “Pure Michigan.” It makes for a pure martini, too. 

Fieldnotes Vodka

La Crosse Distilling Co. uses as few ingredients as possible to make their Fieldnotes Vodka. Despite being made using a simple recipe, Fieldnotes Vodka is filled with complexities. It’s very aromatic, has hints of a sweetness, and a silky smooth finish. Stirred up in a simple martini recipe, Fieldnotes Vodka will work wonders. .

IslandJon Vodka

IslandJon Vodka is one of the most flavorful classic vodkas on the market. Every drop of IslandJon is like a beach vacation. This vodka is filled with floral elements and notes of melon salad, and it has a buttery finish with no bite. If you’re looking to add a splash of flavor to your martini recipe without overwhelming the cocktail, IslandJon Vodka is your choice. 

Buckeye Vodka

Make your martinis with the “Spirit of Ohio.” Buckeye Vodka is a toast to the hard-working sensibilities of The Buckeye State. Charcoal filtration ensures that Buckeye Vodka is as smooth as possible — and they’re continually iterating to make it even smoother. All that hard work means one thing: exceptional martinis.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

You know it, you love it. Tito’s Handmade Vodka makes for an incredible martini. Tito’s is the original no-frills, all-flavor vodka. There are no gimmicks with Tito’s, what you see is what you get. And what you see when you look at a bottle of Tito’s is extraordinary vodka. So make your martini with Tito’s, the vodka your recipe will thank you for. 

Litchfield Distillery Vodka

The secret to Litchfield Distillery Vodka is their local grains and half-day filtration process. The 12-hour process means Litchfield Distillery removes more impurities from their vodka. And your martini will be all the better because of it. Litchfield Distillery Vodka is an incredibly smooth, pristine pour.

Grand Teton Potato Vodka

Surrounded by thousands of acres of famous Idaho potatoes, the folks at Grand Teton Distillery were inspired. Inspired to make an ultra-smooth, almost creamy vodka. Grand Teton Potato Vodka is made with locally sourced potatoes and glacial melt from the Teton Mountains. Incredibly creamy, this vodka adds a wonderful texture to your martini.

If you need a martini recipe…


  • 2.5 oz. Vodka
  • .5 oz. Dry Vermouth
  • Green Olive or Lemon Twist, for garnish


  • Combine vodka and vermouth in a mixing glass with ice
  • Stir vigorously until well-chilled
  • Strain into a martini glass
  • Garnish with your choice of green olive or lemon twist