Goodbye 2022, Hello New Year’s Cocktails

Goodbye 2022, Hello New Year’s Cocktails

Here’s to the New Year! Bid 2022 adieu with 2023 New Year’s cocktails

Phew. It’s been a year.

But 2022 is nearly over, and we're grateful for the time it's given us - politics and healthcare aside.

Your living room still probably won’t be packed with guests. There might still be hoards of crazy people flocking to Time Square. But just because the celebrations look different does not mean missing out on the best part of New Year’s Eve.

The cocktails.

They’re an absolute must for all year-end celebrations. Along with the kiss at midnight, New Year’s cocktails are a staple. Because how else are you supposed to send off 2022 than with the perfect cocktail for New Year’s 2023?

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New Year's Class

We like to keep it classy on New Year's Eve. This sparkling vodka cocktail does just that, and in an elegant champagne flute too! Pick up a bottle of Pure Class Vodka, your favorite prosecco, and some fresh fruit for this super simple cocktail recipe.

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New Year's Gimlet

Nothing says New Year's Eve quite like a disco ball and moody lighting. This year, mix up your own gimlet with small batch gin and our favorite Angled Nick & Nora Glasses! Our New Year's Gimlet is a gin cocktail that everyone is sure to love.

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New Year's Cocktail

Who needs the fancy mixologist this year? Grab some ice, a glass, Xplorer Dry Gin, and simple syrup to make yourself the perfect at-home gimlet for the New Year. With a homemade New Year’s Cocktail by Kilimanjaro Distillery in your hand, sitting back, relaxing on the couch, and hitting the hay early just might become the New Year’s tradition from here on out. 

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New Years Cheers

This unexpected and delicious mix of craft spirits is exactly what you need on New Year's Eve - something new to help you manifest an exciting new year - starting with this tasty cocktail unlike anything you've had before!

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New Year's Moonlight

Enter Vivacity Fine Spirits and their New Year’s Moonlight Cocktail. Featuring the small batch Oregon distillery’s Vivacity Native Gin, this is a quintessential 2023 New Year’s cocktail. New Year’s Moonlight Cocktail effortlessly classes up your evening. Especially when it’s spent under the stars with the one you care about. 

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Midnight Paloma

If you're looking for an every day sipper dressed up as New Year's cocktail, we have the recipe for you. Created for us by @annah_todd on Instagram (disco balls and all), this Paloma recipe is a great one to sip after your midnight kiss this year.

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Hindsight is 2020

This New Year’s cocktail is bubbly, fruity, and was absolutely essential for sending off 2020. Even with 2020 a few years in the rearview, this cocktail recipe featuring their Pandemic at the Disco Vodka is a great new years sipper.

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