Montanya Distillers Partners With Bigfish, Innovating How Spirits Are Sold

Montanya Distillers is now part of the BigFish platform, an innovative way for consumers to buy craft spirits made in the U.S. and around the world. Many craft brands aren’t sold in local liquor stores due to distribution laws making it prohibitive, which means many liquor stores mainly carry mainstream products. BigFish strives to blow the lid off this current model through its mobile platform and its rigorous vetting process. The platform makes it easier for consumers to shop for and learn about craft spirits and then have the product delivered to their home.

Currently, BigFish is only available for Illinois residents however Florida is opening up by the end of the year. It also hopes to ship to numerous other states by early next year. 

“BigFish is really exemplary of a new way of selling alcohol in the U.S.,” noted Karen Hoskin, Montanya’s co-founder, owner, and CEO. “They are focused on craft distillers and taking an entirely new approach. Typically, we buy spirits by walking into a store. What is on the shelf is what you get, and it can be hard for retailers to take chances on smaller brands when shelf space is tight. You don’t get much information except what is on the label. BigFish provides deeper background about each distillery they carry, as well as recipes. It’s such an informed way to buy, which we appreciate as a small producer.”

Read the full article here. Montanya Distillers’ partnership with BigFish also got a mention in the May issue of Got Rum?

Read the full press release here

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