Pandemic Brews Battle Between Liquor Wholesalers, Distillers And Online Retailers

While Drizly purchases from actual in-store retailers and delivers to homes in those respective towns, the numbers are still staggering, considering that, for years, many have advocated against direct-to-consumer deliveries. That’s changing, says Michael Weiss, founder and CEO of Spirit Hub, and the Coronavirus is showing just how important shipping is to consumers despite the wholesalers’ fear of it being used as a selling point.

 “COVID-19 is affecting the alcohol industry from the top down, ultimately having the most damaging effect on independently-owned distilleries,” Weiss says. “Given the reality that we are facing today, liquor delivery has become more relevant than ever in the eyes of consumers. While the 3-tier distribution system has historically made it difficult for liquor companies to sell their products direct-to-consumer, without e-commerce, the industry would not exist the way it does today. That being said, while regulations may be shifting right now, there’s never been a more important time for these companies to be regulated within the 3-tier distribution system to ensure proper commerce that ensures free trade.”

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