Hanukkah Gift Guide 2020

Hanukkah Gift Guide 2020

Seven bottles to help you give the gift of uncommon craft

We don’t know how it happened. We blinked and it’s the holiday season. And if you’re Jewish, that means seven extra days of celebration. So dust off your Menorahs, practice spinning your dreidels, and put on some elastic pants for all the jelly doughnuts and potato latkes you’ll be devouring. It’s time for Hanukkah.

From the candles, to the decadent foods, to the presents. There’s a lot to love about Hanukkah. But eight days means eight gifts. And that poses a unique pressure. How are you supposed to keep your loved ones guessing for eight nights in a row?

We’ve got an idea. Give them the gift of uncommon craft. A bottle – or bottles – of certified Kosher craft spirits is the gift sure to light up their night. We’ve compiled a list of seven different Kosher craft spirits to help nail down the perfect Hanukkah gift your gelt can buy.

Short Mountain Distillery’s Short Mountain Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey

Short Mountain has a long history of alcohol production. Both legal and bootlegged. The Kaufman brothers behind Short Mountain Distillery are keeping the distillation tradition alive with their Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey. This heavily wheated bourbon is aged in 5 and 15 gallon new charred white oak barrels. Smaller barrels help the aging bourbon develop flavors faster. It’s complex. It’s rich. It’s smooth as silk.

Short Mountain Distillery’s Short Mountain Apple Pie

Back out of Short Mountain comes another kosher bottle. And this one will pair perfectly with a tall stack of potato latkes, the Short Mountain Apple Pie. It’s a traditional Tennessee Moonshine flavored with seasonal apples. The resulting sip has the kick of moonshine, but the warmth and sweetness of Bubbie’s apple pie.

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.’s Watershed Gin

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. is all about drawing inspiration from their picturesque surroundings and distilling their craft spirits with local fruits and grains. Their Watershed Gin is not like most gins. Which is good because Hanukkah is not like most holidays. Made from a rye base, notes of citrus and cinnamon peek through. Their blend of organic herbs and spices? A secret. Take a sip each night after lighting the Menorah. See if you can figure it out.

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.’s Pearousia

Another delectable kosher craft spirit comes from a Catoctin Creek partnership. They teamed with fellow Virginian staple Fabbioli Cellars to make their Pearousia, a pear brandy distilled from a Fabbioli pear wine. If you’re looking to go against the grain this Hanukkah, think about pairing the Pearousia with your latkes.

CALI Distillery’s Whiskey

Marni and Howard Witkin didn’t think they had any business owning a distillery. But after friends and family tasted their homemade liqueurs, their hobby turned into an award-winning distillery. Whiskey aficionados and non-whiskey drinkers alike can come together over their CALI Whiskey. Warm, welcoming and mellow, a sip of this sun-kissed Californian warmth is just what you need while sitting by the glow of your Menorah, watching the snow pile up on the window sill.

Sukkah Hill Spirits’ Etrog Liqueur

The minds behind CALI Distillery also bring you Sukkah Hill Spirits. They’re bringing a distinctly Jewish flare to the world of fruit liqueurs. Etrogs, the ceremonious citrons, are said to share the aroma of the Garden of Eden. Pop a bottle and pour yourself a glass of their Etrog Liqueur, the stunning perfume of Etrog will welcome you. A little sip of heaven for you on Hanukkah.

Nahmias Et Fils Distillery’s Legs Diamond Rye Whiskey

The Yonkers, New York based Nahmias Et Fils traces its roots back over a century to Morocco. Owner David Nahmias would watch his grandmother distill an heirloom recipe for Mahia in her kitchen. Soon, David harbored dreams of owning his own distillery. Made with 100% locally sourced, organic rye, Nahmias Et Fils’ Legs Diamond Rye Whiskey develops a pleasant sweetness. Sling a bow across the bottleneck, and gift it. They won’t want anything else for eight days.

Fill up your cup and light up the night

The Menorah is polished and displayed. Bubbie’s on her way over with her world-famous latkes. And you just got your bottle of uncommon craft delivered. Hanukkah is already off to a great start and you haven’t lit a single candle. Now hand over that gift of Kosher craft spirits and watch them smile brighter than the Menorah on the eighth night.

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