Spirit Boxes: The Best Gift For 2020

Spirit Boxes: The Best Gift For 2020

The perfect holiday gift ideas for everybody on your list, no matter how they sip

The holiday season is swiftly approaching. While getting holiday presents is always exciting, the same can’t be said for picking out gifts for family and friends. 

There’s the headache of coming up with holiday gift ideas. The worry about whether or not they’ll actually like the gift or not. Put those worries aside. That anxiety is no longer a part of the gift giving process. 

Because with Spirit Hub, the best gifts for 2020 are a single click away. Introducing Spirit Boxes. 

Each box is packed with a carefully curated selection of samples from our expansive collection of craft spirits. These sampler packs give you a taste of the world of uncommon craft. 

Do your friends like sipping on whiskey? We have the box for that. Does your family love coming together over vodka cocktails? We have one for them too. 

Maybe your co-worker is the type to love something experimental, we have the sampler pack to wow them. Know a gin aficionado? There's a gift box to knock their socks off too. 

No matter how the people in your life like to enjoy a dram, there’s a Spirit Box to put a smile on their face during the 2020 holiday season. 


The Uncommon Collection Spirit Box

There’s always the one friend who loves to be the first to try something new. The one with an adventurous palate who’s pushing you to try new flavors. Here’s the holiday present for them. 

The Uncommon Collection Spirit Box, One of The Best Gifts of 2020

Who wouldn’t want a holiday present packed with six unforgettable craft spirits?

Our promise to deliver uncommon craft is epitomized in The Uncommon Collection Spirit Box

Packed in this gift box are six savory samples from independent distilleries across the country. These singular samples are collected from the far reaches of the expansive world of craft spirits.

From Fellows & Foragers Absinthe by Young & Yonder Spirits to Huckleberry Sweet Cream Liqueur by Willie’s Distillery, Citrus Burst Moonshine by Mystic Mountain Distillery to Coffee Bourbon by Litchfield Distillery, and Ghost Coast Distillery’s Honey Whiskey, each of these unconventional samples with confound and elate whoever is on the receiving end of this exceptional holiday present. 


The Whiskey Revolution Spirit Box

The Whiskey Revolution Spirit Box, One of the Best Gifts for 2020

For too long, the same tired whiskeys have been sitting atop your bar cart. No longer. The robust craft whiskeys in this gift box are leading the charge towards a more flavorful future. 

Don’t miss it, this is the ideal holiday present for the whiskey connoisseur in your life.

With The Whiskey Revolution Spirit Box, you’re in good hands. Fill your glass and join the cause. 

This sampler pack is the representation of our robust collection of craft whiskeys. Neat, on the rocks, in a cocktail, no matter how they enjoy their whiskey, this sampler pack is a foolproof holiday gift idea for the whiskey lover in your life.

Be it the Red Eye Whiskey by Boot Hill Distillery, Rye Whiskey by Manifest Distilling, Cinnamon Whiskey by Mr. Tom’s Spirits, Maple Bourbon Whiskey by Litchfield Distillery, Aces High Whiskey by Mystic Mountain Distillery, or Genuine Canadian Whisky by Willie’s Distillery, these samples come from all across the country, forming an extraordinary sipping experience.


The Vodka Virtuoso Spirit Box

Some refer to vodka as a blank canvas. A neutral spirit best used to build cocktails. While we can’t disagree that a vodka-based cocktail is delicious, we have some issues with the blank canvas part.

Independent distilleries around the globe have also taken exception to the notion. 

The Vodka Virtuoso Spirit Box, One of the Best Gifts for 2020

Stop thinking about holiday gift ideas. You know they want The Vodka Virtuoso Spirit Box. 


Packed inside The Vodka Virtuoso Spirit Box are six vivid works of flavorful artistry. This exceptional holiday present is almost too tasty to open. Almost. Because when you uncover the works of art inside this gift box, you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into the museum of vodka. 

Old Dominick Distillery’s Honeybell Citrus Vodka, Young & Yonder Spirits’ Distiller’s Series Lime Vodka, Ghost Coast Distillery’s Orange Vodka, Mr. Tom’s Spirits’ Sugar-Free Vodka, Crostwater Distilled Spirits’ Vodka, and Snowcrest Vodka by Willie’s Distillery, each of these miniatures showcase the artisanship behind America’s craft distillers. And the world is tastier place for it. 


The Gin Garden Spirit Box

Who doesn’t love to stop and smell the roses? Enjoying the aromas emanating from a bottle of craft gin is a lot like stopping to smell the garden. A garden masterfully tended to by artisan distillers. 

Each bottle in this sampler pack is a deftly designed botanical bouquet. 

The Gin Garden Spirit Box, One of the Best Gifts for 2020

Christmas comes early with the bountiful craft gin bouquets in The Gin Garden Spirit Box. 

Inside The Gin Garden Spirit Box are six exquisite, singular samples. No two alike, each of them showcase local botanicals and ingredients from around the world. With flavors so perfectly arranged, your next favorite gin awaits. 

In this garden you’ll find Crostwater Distilled Spirits’ Gin, Boot Hill Distillery’s Gin, Jewell Distillery Gin, Mystic Mountain Distillery’s Colorado Fog Gin, Mr. Tom’s Spirits’ Sugar-Free Gin, and Young & Yonder Spirits’ H.O.B.S. Gin. Take a walk through the garden, pick whatever you’d like. It’s all delicious here. 

The best gifts for 2020 are here

The search for the perfect Christmas gift idea is done. Stop thinking about holiday gift ideas. 

Whether they’re acquainted with the world of uncommon craft, or this is their introduction, the perfect holiday present for everyone on your list is right here, at Spirit Hub. 

You know your friends, family, and co-workers best. Their likes and dislikes. But we can guarantee they’ll love opening up one of our Spirit Boxes at your holiday celebrations.

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