Virtual Happy Hour With Ghost Coast Distillery

Virtual Happy Hour With Ghost Coast Distillery

Episode 7: Virtual Happy Hour With Ghost Coast Distillery

There was quite the crowd on hand for Episode 7 of Spirit Hub's Virtual Happy Hour series, and everybody had a blast!


Even if you couldn't be there with us LIVE on Facebook, you can still get in on all the fun we had mixing it up with Sidney Lance, the resident mixologist at Ghost Coast Distillery from Savannah, Georgia. 


They're the city's very first distillery to open since before the days of Prohibition, and the makers of truly world class craft spirits. 


Sidney walks us through the aroma and taste of their distinct Straight Bourbon Whiskey, crediting it's bold, dynamic flavor to a unique barrel aging process.


He says, "The way we are aging things here is unreal. The climate just works with us."


After that, he shares a sip of Ghost Coast's Tiki Spiced Rum with us. And he's proud of the locally sourced ingredients that go into making it. 


"We get our molasses up the street - or down the river - from us, not even a mile, from our local sugar refineries."


Sidney sticks around to make a couple of cocktails for us too. 

He shares an amazing creation called the Time Traveler with us. Then gets right into making a delicious mango Tiki Daiquiri that you'll be able to enjoy all summer long. 

He talks about what it's like working at Ghost Coast Distillery, shares a little about their history and teaches us more than a thing or two about some amazing craft spirits.

It's conversation, cocktails and more. So be sure to check out Episode 7 of Virtual Happy Hour presented by Spirit Hub right now!

Shop Ghost Coast Distillery here and pick up bottles of their Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Tiki Spiced Rum so you can taste along with us. 

Find everything you'll need to mix a Time Traveler and Tiki Daiquiri on their distillery page

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