Virtual Happy Hour With Grand Traverse Distillery

Virtual Happy Hour With Grand Traverse Distillery

Episode 3: Virtual Happy Hour With Grand Traverse Distillery

It was a real two-for-one on Episode 3 of Spirit Hub’s Virtual Happy Hour series, as we were joined by a pair of Grand Traverse Distillery’s best brand ambassadors, Angie Jackson and Austin Wines.

Traverse City, Michigan is known as the “Cherry Capital of the World”, an agricultural epicenter where fresh grains are locally grown.

It’s also the home of Grand Traverse Distillery, the first distillery in Northern Michigan since the end of Prohibition.

“This is an agricultural distillery,” Austin says, and when you drink craft spirits from Grand Traverse Distillery, “You’re tasting the agriculture from our region.”

Angie is particularly proud of their Ole George Rye Whiskey, declaring, “For the rye-heads, this is pure, unadulterated rye whiskey.”

If you weren’t there to talk, taste and mix cocktails with us and the dynamic duo from Grand Traverse Distillery LIVE, don’t worry. Check out the reply here and learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about craft spirits from The Wolverine State.

In addition to their Ole George Rye Whiskey, this episode also features Grand Traverse Distillery’s Cherry Whiskey - a true Michigan original.

Angie and Austin each make us a cocktail as well. Two very different, very beautiful recipes: the Well, Rye Not and the Brown Derby.

It’s an episode chock-full of good times and great craft spirits. Be sure to check it out!

This is Virtual Happy Hour presented by Spirit Hub - the next best thing to being there!

Shop Grand Traverse Distillery here and taste while you watch! Pick up your Ole George Rye Whiskey and Cherry Whiskey today!

Get the recipes and find everything you need to make the Brown Derby and the Well, Rye Not cocktails on their distillery page!

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