Virtual Happy Hour With Iron Fish Distillery

Virtual Happy Hour With Iron Fish Distillery

Episode 5: Virtual Happy Hour With Iron Fish Distillery

We're hot off the heels of the heels of Episode 5, and Spirit Hub's Virtual Happy Hour series has really found it's stride. 

If you weren't there to join us for it LIVE, we've got you covered. Because now you can check out our chat with Sarah and Richard Anderson, two of the co-founders and co-owners at Iron Fish Distillery.

Situated on a 120 acre farm in Thompsonville, Michigan, Iron Fish Distillery is proud to grow its own grain and use it to distill handcrafted spirits like their Michigan Woodland Gin. Richard explains, "We crafted this gin literally from the ground up. Starting with grain grown on our property." 

Then there's Iron Fish Distillery's Bourbon Whiskey Finished In Maple Syrup Barrels. Which Sarah describes as, " A jewel in the Iron Fish crown. It just hits such a great spot in people's hearts. And of course that makes us so happy and proud." 

After tasting and talking a bit about both of these exceptional craft, Sarah and Richard treat us to a pair of cocktail demonstrations using recipes for their Maple Mint Julep and the gin-based Sleeping Bear

You get a peek behind the curtain at Iron Fish Distillery, the lowdown on two of their personal favorite craft spirits and recipes for a pair of delicious cocktails. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out Episode 5 of Virtual Happy Hour, presented by Spirit Hub, now! Shop Iron Fish Distillery here and grab your bottles of Bourbon Whiskey Finished In Maple Syrup Barrels and Michigan Woodland Gin so can taste along with us at home. 

Find everything you'll need to mix the Sleeping Bear and a Maple Mint Julep on their distillery page!

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