Virtual Happy Hour With Manifest Distilling

Virtual Happy Hour With Manifest Distilling

Episode 6: Virtual Happy Hour With Manifest Distilling

David Cohen, president and head distiller at Jacksonville, Florida's Manifest Distilling, was our very special guest for Episode 6 of Spirit Hub's Virtual Happy Hour, and he definitely put on a craft spirits clinic. 

It was quite the show. But if you weren't there to hang out with us LIVE, Spirit Hub has you covered. You can revisit this instant classic anytime you like on our official YouTube channel

"I am a self proclaimed gin head," David confessed before sharing his certified organic Manifest Gin with the crowd, a craft spirit he describes as a "contemporary, new world style" gin.

David's a real rye-guy too. So he brought along some of their Manifest Rye Whiskey too. 

"We wanted to create a big, cocktail-forward rye," says David. "But we wanted it to be more accessible than the normal ryes of the world." 

As much as David enjoys sipping these exceptional craft spirits on their own, he wanted to show how well they work in cocktails too. So he mixed up a pair of the classics for us. 

First up was the Negroni followed by another all-time favorite, the Manhattan. Simple, traditional and delicious. 

David sticks around for some spirited Q&A, gives us some insight into the history of Manifest Distilling and takes us to craft spirit school with a lesson in just what it means to be an independent distillery. 

This is one you're definitely not going to want to miss. So check out Episode 6 of Virtual Happy Hour, presented by Spirit Hub right now. 

Shop Manifest Distilling here and pick up your bottles of Manifest Gin and Manifest Rye Whiskey to taste right along with David and us. 

And grab everything you need to mix a Manifest Negroni and a Manifest Manhattan on their distillery page!

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