Virtual Happy Hour With Montanya Distillers

Virtual Happy Hour With Montanya Distillers

Episode 2: Virtual Happy Hour With Montanya Distillers

Episode 2 of Spirit Hub’s Virtual Happy Hour series is ready to view. And what a show it was!

We had the opportunity to hang out with “The Rum Queen of America,” Karen Hoskin, co-founder and president of Montanya Distillers out of Crested Butte, Colorado.

If you weren’t able to sit in with us LIVE, this is definitely one Virtual Happy Hour you’re not going to want to miss the replay. Because even if rum isn’t ordinarily your thing, Karen is likely to make a believer out of you.

When it comes to rum, people often think of exotic locations like Barbados or the Caribbean Islands. But Karen and the crew at Montanya Distillers are here to prove that the new home for craft rum in America is right there in The Centennial State.

“I learned about the making of mountain rum about 30 years ago and it really started to change my thinking a lot,” says Karen.

And since opening the doors to Montanya Distillers in 2008, she hasn’t stopped distilling award-winning bottles of exceptional craft rum.

Karen promises, “We make everything in a really traditional way. As traditionally as you can imagine.”

Tune in as we feature Montanya Distillers’ Platino Rum and Exclusiva Rum. Karen’s also going to show us how to make her favorite Classic Daiquiri and discuss other great rum-based cocktail recipes like Ti’ Punch.

We had a ball! So be sure to check it out.

Shop Montanya Distillers here to taste along with Karen! Pick up your Platino Rum and Exclusiva Rum from Montanya Distillers today!

Get the recipes and find everything you need to make a Classic Daiquiri and the Ti’ Punch on their distillery page!

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