Virtual Happy Hour With Transformation Spirits

Virtual Happy Hour With Transformation Spirits

Episode 1: Virtual Happy Hour With Transformation Spirits

The first episode of Spirit Hub’s Virtual Happy Hour was a huge success.

Tara Ogden and Stuart Stein from Transformation Spirits in Louisville, Kentucky treated us to a masterclass in gin.

If you couldn’t be there to join us LIVE for the event, then you’ll definitely want to check out the replay.

Even if you're normally not a gin drinker, you’ll want to tune in for this one.

Converting stalwart Kentucky bourbon drinkers into gin enthusiasts is no easy task. But Transformation Spirits seems to have cracked the code.

“The biggest critics are usually my favorite. I’ve yet to not win over a big gin critic,” says Tara.

Transformation Spirits has even been named the Official Gin of the Kentucky Derby Festival.

What’s the secret to making a great London Dry Gin? According to Tara, it’s the simplicity of six special botanicals.

Tara insists, “Keeping it simple makes it play so well with so many things.”

In addition to tasting Transformation Spirit’s London Dry Gin and Bourbon Barreled Gin, we also mixed up two of Tara and Stuart’s favorite cocktails - The Gimlet and The Bold Fashioned.

It was a blast! So check it out.

Shop Transformation Spirits to taste along with Tara and Stuart! Pick up your London Dry Gin or Bourbon Barreled Gin from Transformation Spirits today!

Find the recipes and find everything you need to make The Bold Fashioned and the Transformation Spirits Gimlet on their distillery page!

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