In between the overgrown oak trees of the Ozark Mountains is the area’s first legal distillery since the end of Prohibition, Copper Run Distillery. One of Missouri’s best kept secrets, they’re putting the tastes of the Ozarks and their passions in every bottle.
Founded in 2009, Copper Run Distillery hand-makes each of their small-batch craft spirits. Copper Run Distillery’s award-winning craft spirits’ journey starts in their 140 gallon, direct fire, copper pot still. Their process begins with raw, locally-sourced ingredients and ends with labelling and bottling the craft spirits, all within their distillery.
From the limestone-rich water to the Missouri white oak barrels, their craft spirits will leave you dreaming of the Ozark Mountains. Historically produced in their dense woods of the Ozarks, Copper Run Distillery is revitalizing the area’s moonshine production with their Ozark Mountain Moonshine. It’s a complex spirit with a smoothness that will have you replacing your vodkas and tequilas.