Over seventy years after the repeal of Prohibition, the idea for a small craft distillery was sketched onto an unassuming napkin. That was the first step in creating the award-winning Asheville distillery H&H.
Truly a family who creates together, this father-son duo Wendell Howard and Taylor Howard (H&H) set out to create spirits that are uniquely theirs while still paying tribute to their deep regional roots. The Howard family has a long history of building companies that are still family owned and operated today.
Entrepreneurship, creating jobs, and supporting the growth and well-being of western North Carolina have been the driving forces for the success in the Howard family. Now, driving a Cadillac down the road of craft distilling, the Howard family is creating unique and fun opportunities in the mountains of western North Carolina, taking a vintage art and giving it a modern twist. H&H exemplifies what makes Asheville so great: hard work, creativity and locally-minded values.