Gristmill Distillers strive for quality, working to make smooth, classic spirits that can be sipped straight, but just as good in your cocktail with a dash of this and a garnish of that. They source locally, mash locally, and distill locally. It takes some time and elbow grease to build a distillery, and even more time to craft and age whiskies and brandies that are worthy of a dram or two (or ten.)
They’ve committed to the long haul and they’re proud to literally have started from the ground up. Gristmill Distillers’ water flows straight from a spring within a few paces of the distillery’s front door, the corn is grown by Adirondack Organic Grains nearby, and their brandy apples are grown, picked, and pressed fresh by Rulf’s Orchard, less than thirty-five miles down the road. Gristmill Distillers’ barrels are made to order from U.S. Barrel, the oldest cooperage in the northeast and, luckily for them, are only a couple of towns over in Wilmington. They’re a New York state farm distillery as homegrown as their products.