10 Fall Cocktails for Your Virtual Happy Hour

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 10 mins read

10 Fall Cocktails for Your Virtual Happy Hour

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 10 mins read

Looking for virtual happy hour ideas? Bring everyone together over a couple of festive fall cocktails

Take a deep breath in. Do you feel the crisp air? That can only mean one thing. It’s finally fall.

Fall is typically the time for gathering friends and family around the table, keeping each other warm with great fall drinks, food, and stories.

But this is going to be an autumn like no other. And if you and your friends can’t make it out to the pumpkin patch or the corn maze, maybe it’s time to start a new tradition.

Put together a virtual happy hour and bring your friends together over a couple of fall cocktails. We have the autumn inspired craft spirits and the fall cocktail recipes. You have the computer and the friends. Let’s bring everyone together over a couple of the best fall cocktails.

Cidertini by Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.

Catoctin Creek’s Best Fall Cocktail 

Can’t think of any new virtual happy hour ideas? Try the Cidertini, one of the best fall cocktails.

The perfect blend of five different heritage apples. A warming sip that tastes like your favorite slice of apple pie.

You might not need to go to the apple orchard this year. Just put an autumnal spin on the martini with the Cidertini by Catoctin Creek Distilling Company!


Fall in Vermont by SILO Distillery

SILO Distillery’s Fall in Vermont 

Taste the flavor of the changing leaves with SILO Distillery’s fall cocktail recipe, Fall in Vermont.

Golden brown with sweet notes of maple and toffee. It may not pour as slowly as amber grade maple syrup, but it sure tastes that way.

Fill your glass, close your eyes and take a sip. You just might think you’re in the backwoods of Vermont with this maple-filled cocktail, the Fall in Vermont by SILO Distillery.


Autumn Spiced Tonic by Wild Roots Spirits

Wild Roots Spirits’ Best Fall Cocktail 

The best seasonal recipes call for apple and a dash of cinnamon, those flavors shine in this fall cocktail.

Sweet, yet spiced. Crisp, yet warming. That fresh out of the oven feel is what fall is all about. Taste all of your favorite fall flavors, without having to preheat the oven with the Autumn Spiced Tonic by Wild Roots Spirits.


Pumpkin Spice Martini by Solar Spirits

Solar Spirits’ Fall Cocktail Recipe 

Here’s the fall cocktail to replace your seasonal favorite, the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

This craft vodka burst with robust, aromatic notes of coffee. And like any good mug of coffee, it warms the soul. You may love your seasonal pumpkin spice latte. But we think you’ll enjoy this Pumpkin Spice Martini by Solar Spirits even more.


The Pumpkin Patch by Bellewood Farms Distillery

The Pumpkin Patch cocktail 

Bring the pumpkin patch to your virtual happy hour with this fall cocktail recipe from Bellewood Farms. 

These craft spirits are grown from ground up. Their elegantly crisp, distinctly fall flavors shaped by the apple orchard and pumpkin the ingredients were grown in. Here’s The Pumpkin Patch in a glass we promised you earlier.


Salted Maple Old Fashioned by Iron Fish Distillery

Iron Fish Distillery's Best Fall Cocktail 

The fall cocktail recipe you’re waiting for, the autumn spin on a classic Old Fashioned.

This spicy high-rye bourbon mellows out after some time spent in barrels used to age local Michigan maple syrup.

The Salted Maple Old Fashioned is the perfect fall cocktail for sipping slow and watching the leaves change colors.


Spiced Apple Wassail by Dented Brick Distillery

Dented Brick Distillery's Fall Cocktail Recipe  

Warm up with one of the best fall cocktails, the Spiced Apple Wassail by Dented Brick Distillery.

Nutty notes of salted pecans combine with rich tones of chocolate mousse to make this craft vodka a sip of warmth.

Blend apples, orange, cinnamon and honey make the Spiced Apple Wassail one of the best warm fall drinks to sip with a blanket and a fireplace.


The Campfire Sour by Bad Dog Distillery

Virtual Happy Hour Ideas Courtesy of Bad Dog Distillery 

Don’t gather around the campfire, gather around a couple of Bag Dog’s Campfire Sours.

Like grandpa’s stories around the campfire, this rye whiskey has a little bit of everything. It’s a little sweet, a little spicy, a little fruity.

Bring those fond campfire stories and memories indoors. In the safest way possible, of course. In the form of a Campfire Sour by Bad Dog Distillery.


Social Toddy by Fremont Mischief Distillery

The Social Toddy, a Perfect Fall Drink 

Share a pair for Fremont Mischief’s best fall cocktail recipe, from a social distance of course.

Aging in two barrels takes the harsh spice out of this craft rye whiskey. Just mellow notes of honey and vanilla.

Paired with cider, it makes the Social Toddy a fall cocktail worth sharing. Albeit through a computer screen this year.


Spiced Maple Smash by Painted Stave Distilling

Painted Stave Distilling's Spiced Maple Smash 

Check out Painted Stave Distilling’s fall cocktail recipe to inspire virtual happy hour ideas.

This craft whiskey was inspired by nights shared around a campfire. Spinning stories and poking fun with friends.

Those nights might not look the same at the moment, but you can still smash together a couple ingredients to create that same feeling with a Spiced Maple Smash.


There’s a fall mixed drink to substitute for each of your favorite autumn occasions and excursions. But maybe you’re still looking for more.

Explore our ever-expanding collection of craft spirits. Narrow it down by spirit type, distillery, or cocktail recipe. Anything to help you find the perfect fall cocktails and inspire virtual happy hour ideas.

Whatever you need to craft perfect memories.