10 Halloween Cocktails to Get You in the Spirit This Year

Thursday, October 1, 2020 8 mins read

10 Halloween Cocktails to Get You in the Spirit This Year

Thursday, October 1, 2020 8 mins read

It might not look the same as last year, but we have the Halloween cocktails to save the celebration!

In a year like no other, everyone is searching for Halloween ideas to keep the spirit alive. Just because there won’t be trick or treating or big batch Halloween drinks in bubbling cauldrons, doesn’t mean you can’t get in the spooky spirit.

Celebrate the scary season with Spirit Hub. We’re taking the hard work out of finding a new sort of celebration.

Our Halloween cocktails are made with festive flavors from our collection of craft spirits. So break out those cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns and plastic skeletons. You’re going to need them.

Black Widow by Fire Oak Distillery

Halloween Cocktails Courtesy of Fire Oak Distillery 

This spider-inspired Halloween drink idea puts the spooky in spooky season.

Black Widow might sound like the most threatening Halloween cocktail on this list. But delicious is the only descriptor for Fire Oak Distillery’s Black Widow.

No danger or venom included. Just bourbon, fruit juice, and bubbles.


A Bunch of Hocus Pocus by Elevation 5003 Distillery

Halloween drinks from Elevation 5003 Distillery 

Elevation 5003’s Halloween cocktail is just as magical and delicious as its name suggests.

This Halloween drink idea is for the friend who doesn’t believe in magic. The one who sarcastically calls it “a whole bunch of hocus pocus.”

With a helping hand from Bellewood Farms Distillery, Elevation 5003 Distillery will turn them into a believer with their A Bunch of Hocus Pocus cocktail.


Wild Hayride by Durham Distillery

Durham Distillery’s Halloween Drink Idea 

Still searching for Halloween ideas? With gin Halloween cocktails, you don’t need anything else.

Are you missing your favorite hayrides this year? Haunted or not, hopping in that tractor trailer is the seasonal favorite activity that inspired this Halloween drink idea.

Get the friends together for a virtual happy hour for a Wild Hayride with Durham Distillery’s Halloween cocktail.


Beetle Juice by Syntax Spirits

Halloween Cocktails Courtesy of Syntax Spirits 

From Syntax Spirits, the perfect Halloween drink idea for your spooky season movie marathon.

Not to be confused with the wise-cracking spectre. Say Beetle Juice as many times as you’d like, no one is going to appear to scare you out of your home.

It might be time to revisit Tim Burton’s classic from the 1980s. Pull out the cozy blankets, you already have the perfect Halloween drink.


Porter’s Rampage by Ogden’s Own Distillery

A Halloween Shot From Ogden’s Own Distillery 

A quick and easy Halloween drink courtesy of Utah’s Ogden’s Own Distillery.

We’re missing out on something special this Halloween. We can’t stand around with our costumed friends and have a couple shots.

But Ogden’s Own Distillery has a Halloween drink idea to solve that problem. Pour yourself Porter’s Rampage and hop on FaceTime. Costumes required.


Levanta Muerto by Tequila Alderete

Halloween Drink Ideas from Tequila Alderete 

Careful with this Halloween cocktail, it just might bring some zombies to your spooky celebration.

We can’t speak to this Halloween cocktail’s ability to “Levanta Muerto”, but it will definitely elevate your virtual happy hour socially distant campfire.

Careful, though. This ambitious Halloween drink will raise your expectations for the rest of your cocktails all year round.


Scary Mary by Wild Roots Spirits

Wild Roots Spirits’ Scary Mary 

The perfect Halloween cocktail for your party. Or maybe the morning after?

No matter what your All Hallow’s Eve plans look like, set the mood to scary with this striking, startling Halloween cocktail.

And if the celebrations are everything you’re hoping for, the Scary Mary is great the next morning too.


The Devil is Making Me Crazy by Stillwagon Distillery

Halloween Drink Ideas from Stillwagon Distillery 

Don’t go crazy this Halloween. Stillwagon Distillery has the Halloween drink ideas to keep you sane.

Being holed-up since March, you might think that the devil is trying to make you crazy. But it just might be the family, right?

No matter who or what is driving you crazy, Stillwagon Distillery and Revolution Spirits have the Halloween cocktail to quash the insanity.


Candy Corn Martini by Willie’s Distillery

Candy Corn Martini by Willie’s Distillery

Regardless of your opinions on candy corn, you’ll love the Halloween cocktail from Willie’s Distillery.

Where do you fall in the never-ending Halloween debate on candy corn. Do you love it or hate it?

If you love it, Willie’s Distillery has the perfect cocktail recipe to fill your glass. If you hate it, the Candy Corn Martini just might change your mind.


Ghost Sour by Vitae Spirits

Vitae Spirits’ Halloween Drink Idea

Vitae Spirits’ Halloween cocktail puts a spooky spin on your classic sour cocktail.

Look on the bright side, without a Halloween party to go to, you don’t need to try everyone’s spooky cocktail experiments.

Don’t let the bad cocktails of years past keep haunting you. Chase out those sour memories with, well, a Ghost Sour, courtesy of Vitae Spirits.

Whether you’re joining a Virtual Happy Hour filled with frights, enjoying scary stories from a social distance around the campfire, or setting up a horror movie marathon, we have the Halloween cocktails that bring the spirit.

Still need Halloween drink ideas?

Our unparalleled collection of craft has something for everyone. If you have a different signature Halloween cocktail, we have the uncommon craft spirit to make it with. Discover craft spirits from all over the world, and start celebrating on your own terms.