Saturday, October 10, 2020 10 mins read

Saturday, October 10, 2020 10 mins read

Baked S'mores Treats

Originally written by @the_baker_guy on Instagram!

Y’all know I had to whip up something EXTRA special for National Dessert Day! I teamed up with Spirit Hub to get my hands on a bottle of Steel Toe Distillery’s Toasted Marshmallow Vodka! Spirit Hub delivers craft spirits right to your door in the states of North Dakota, New Hampshire, Nebraska, and Illinois, so Chicago I’m talking to you! Their catalogue boasts an extensive array of quality craft spirits that you can't find anywhere else!

This vodka has that ‘evening by the bonfire’ vibe, with notes of vanilla, toasted nuts, and of course, marshmallow! I whipped up a pairing inspired by s’mores, nostalgia, and getting classy drunk in my favorite sweater. Strap in y’all because I’m about to go in!

First up we have the Grown Folks Only S’mores Cake: toasted hazelnut and graham cracker layers, dark chocolate filling, toasted marshmallow vodka frosting and crushed graham cracker! She moist, thick, and definitely not for the kids as I use the vodka in the cake and filling as well.

Get into my Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream as the perfect companion to this cake. Five ingredients only, including a nice portion of toasted marshmallow vodka (and chunks of toasted marshmallow). No churn, no mess, no stress! Perfect in a sundae or straight from the carton. Whatever you decide, I won’t judge.

A lot of people like their dessert with a coffee on the side. Well, what about a coffee cocktail? Mamma’s Iced Coffee, is a shoutout to all the adults that like their coffee a bit on the boozier side. I combine toasted marshmallow vodka with creme de cacao, cold brew concentrate, and a burnt sugar syrup. Shaken and poured over crushed ice and finished with oat milk and a hazelnut graham sammich.

Think you can handle all three?

Check out Spirit Hub’s online retail store and use coupon code “THEBKERGUY” at checkout for 20% off. And if you’re ever anywhere near Potomac, Montana, be sure to stop in and check out Steel Toe Distillery for other craft spirits and goodies.

Happy Dessert Day y’all !