Monday, December 28, 2020 12 mins read

Monday, December 28, 2020 12 mins read

New Year, New Me: The Best Diet Friendly Cocktails

With these low-cal, low carb, and keto-friendly drinks, you don’t need to miss out on your favorite cocktails.

The New Year is just about here. That means a lot of us are about to be asking the same questions. 

“Can I drink alcohol on the keto diet?”

“Are there any low carb cocktails worth drinking?”

“Where can I find low calorie alcoholic drinks?”

Honestly, we were asking the same questions as the beginning of last year. But this year, it’s going to be better. 

But the answer is simple. Enjoying well-crafted, diet-friendly cocktails is easier than you ever could have imagined. 

Of course you can drink alcohol on the keto diet. There are plenty of low carb cocktails worth drinking. And low calorie alcoholic drinks are a click away from your doorstep with Spirit Hub. 

Grab the tumblers and copper mugs. It’s time to drink your New Year’s Resolutions. 


~80 Calories

The Best Keto Cocktails

The copper mugs aren’t getting dusty during this diet, make Keto Moscow Mules.

Just because you’re kicking off a new diet this year, doesn’t mean you need to abandon your favorite Moscow Mule recipe. You just need to alter it a little bit to make these Keto Moscow Mules

Swap your standard vodka for Native Nectar Organic Vodka by Old Town Distilling Co., and mix it up with Swoon’s Ginger Lime Mixer. Just like that, you’ve got a keto cocktail replacement. 

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~80 Calories

A Low-Sugar Version Of A Classic Cocktail

Put a guilt-free spin on a classic with Mr. Tom’s Certified Sugar-Free Vodka. 

No doubt about it, guilt-free cocktails are the best cocktails. And if you could make a low-sugar version of a classic cocktail that tastes just as good, maybe even a little better, why wouldn’t you?

Sugar-Free Vodka by Mr. Tom’s Spirits pairs with the naturally sugar-free Swoon Simple Syrup in the Low Sugar Vodka Soda. You may be on a diet, but your cocktails don’t need to know that. 

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~110 Calories

A Vibrant Keto-Friendly Drink

Can I drink alcohol on the keto diet? If you make some Keto Rum Punch, you can.

Everyone deserves to kick back on the beach with fruity Rum Punch. Keto dieters are no different. Keep your diet on-track when there’s sand between your toes with the Keto Rum Punch.

Anchored by the soft coconut sweetness of Wicked Dolphin’s Coconut Rum, this keto-friendly drink is a cool punch of beachside flavor. Diet or no diet. Fruit trays and cocktail umbrellas are optional, but highly recommended. 

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~92 Calories

Make Diet-Friendly Paleo Margaritas

Don’t miss out on Margarita Night just because you’re dieting. 

Paleolithic. The caveman diet. Stone-Age diet. No matter what you call Paleo, dieting is always better with a margarita, right? You’re only eating like a caveman. You can still lounge in a shady hammock, drinking Paleo Margaritas

With Swoon’s sugar-free Simple Syrup and a helping of Juan More Time Tequila Blanco, you’re well on your way to guilt-free rest and relaxation. And a killer summer body. Hopefully. 

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~80 Calories

Make A Low-Carb Tom Collins

With Sugar-Free Gin, this Tom Collins will be your new favorite low-carb cocktail.

This Tom Collins is a skinny gentleman. At only five carbs, you can enjoy his company whenever you please. And using stevia alongside Sugar-Free Gin by Mr. Tom’s Spirits, makes this sweet sip practically sugar-free! 

We all love the traditional cherry on top. But at 2 grams of carbohydrates per cherry, it might be best to skip the topping for the low-carb iteration of the fabled cocktail. 

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~80 Calories

Vodka Spritz, A Keto-Friendly Drink Favorite

Dieting is more exciting with low-carb cocktails and Keto-friendly drinks.

Dieting can get boring and tedious. Don’t let the going get tough. Shake up an invigorating sip that reminds you how delicious, and easy, dieting can be! Get Manifest Distilling’s Potato Vodka and make a Keto Vodka Spritz

People are going to say that Keto cocktails can’t possibly be as good as non-diet cocktails. Let them talk. All that means is more Swoon Cucumber Mint Mixer and keto-friendly spritzes for us. 

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~85 Calories

Vegan Whiskey Sour ft. KOVAL Bourbon Whiskey

Whiskey Sour, hold the egg whites. Make the classic cocktail vegan-friendly.

If the signature Whiskey Sour is the only thing holding you back from fully embracing Veganism, fret not. Spirit Hub presents the Vegan Whiskey Sour, featuring KOVAL Distillery’s sensation single-barrel Bourbon Whiskey.

To put the vegan-spin on the cocktail, swap aquafaba for egg whites. Whether using a Cobbler or Boston shaker, make sure your aquafaba gets frothy to keep the vegan-friendly cocktail light and bright. 

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~75 Calories

Keto Cocktails With Spicy Flare

Spice up your Saturday night – and your diet – with Keto-friendly Spicy Margaritas.

Low on calories. Low on carbs. But never skimping on flavor. Spicy, keto-friendly flavor. A simple slice of jalapeño completely transforms Swoon’s Margarita Mix into a fierce low calorie alcoholic drink. 

You’re going to need a strong, full-bodied craft tequila to stand up to the Keto Spicy Margarita’s spice. Juan More Time Tequila Blanco is up to the task. This diet thing might not be so hard after all. 

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Starting fresh with low-cal and keto cocktails

2021 is the year we kickstart the diets we abandoned in 2020. Or start a new one altogether. Which we promise to keep longer this time around. 

When you embark on your new health adventure, remember to treat yourself. Not in the cheat-day way. Between low-calorie, keto-friendly, and low-carb cocktails, you don’t need to cheat to have a treat. 

With Spirit Hub, happy hour is now diet-friendly. 

Bar tools, drinkware, small batch spirits, and sugar-free mixers. We have everything you need to confidently answer ‘yes’ when asked:

“Can you drink alcohol on the keto diet?”

Or any other diet for that matter.

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