Tuesday, May 19, 2020 4 mins read

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 4 mins read

Episode 10: Virtual Happy Hour with Boot Hill Distillery

We’ve hit the double digits with Episode 10 of Spirit Hub’s Virtual Happy Hour! And boy, oh, boy what a show it was. 

We got quite the history lesson LIVE on Facebook from Boot Hill Distillery’s Director of Sales, Lee Griffith. So if you couldn’t be there with us then, you can still check it out now. 

Based out of Dodge City, Kansas, a town famous for its storied connection to Wild West outlaws and gunslingers, Boot Hill Distillery is a true grain-to-glass independent distillery that’s farmer owned.  

“We are the farmers first and we are using our own crops to make our spirits,” Lee informs us.

The first handmade spirit he introduces us to is the Boot Hill Distillery Vodka

“We use 100% hard red winter wheat,” says Lee. The result is an exceedingly smooth craft vodka that’s got subtle sweetness and allows the taste of black pepper to shine.

Next up is their Red Eye Whiskey, which is made from yellow corn and wheat grown right on the Boot Hill Distillery farm. Then it gets barrel aged. 

Lee sticks around to teach us how to make two different cocktails too, one called The Dude and another known as the Third Ward. Both are spectacular!

This is Happy Hour 101. And class is in session. 

So grab a seat, kick up your feet and enjoy Episode 10 of Virtual Happy Hour presented by Spirit Hub - the next best thing to being there!

Shop Boot Hill Distillery here and get their Boot Hill Distillery Vodka and Red Eye Whiskey delivered to your door now so you can taste along at home. 

Get everything you need for your home bar to mix up a Third Ward and The Dude on their distillery page!

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