Travelling the Bourbon Trail

PUBLISHED SEP 11, 2019 3 mins read

Travelling the Bourbon Trail

PUBLISHED SEP 11, 2019 3 mins read

America’s Whiskey Wonderland

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a trip every bourbon drinker dreams of making. Travelling from city to city for up to nine days, doing nothing but living, breathing, and most importantly, sipping some of the most famous bourbons in the country. But maybe you don’t have nine days to commit to such a trip. Not to worry. There are plenty of different ways to enjoy travels up and down the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour is a slightly shorter expedition, usually taking just five days, with some distilleries being as close as one mile apart, and others as far as 70 miles away. 

This tour spans four different regions across Kentucky, Northern, Central, Western, and Bluegrass, each of which earns the trail-goer a challenge coin. Make it through all four regions and you receive a wooden stave tray and an official Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour tasting glass. Plus, the challenge coins fit perfectly into the stave tray, making it a beautiful 21 and up version of the 50 state quarter maps.

Regional Flavors 

Each region has their own unique qualities and special attractions, so no matter where you go, there’s always something new to discover. Just like any spirit, there are slight differences in each bottle of bourbon. Everything affects the final result, from the mixture of grains, to the type of yeast, to the amount of time it spends in a barrel. Make it through the entire trail and discover what makes bourbon so delicious.

Kentucky is known as “The Bluegrass State,” so it’s not surprising that the Bluegrass region is considered the heart of Kentucky. In addition to being the heart of Kentucky, this region is also “The Horse Capital of the World,” featuring more than 450 horse farms. If horses don’t do it for you, there are plenty of other options for entertainment. Daniel Boone’s cabin is right around the corner, Stanford is always nice to see and not to mention Bourbon County, which is just as fun as it sounds.

Available from Spirit Hub: Bluegrass Distillers

Bluegrass Distillers is a craft distillery in the heart of the Kentucky Bluegrass, where fast horses are bred and the best whiskey is made. Their recipes are formulated in house and each batch is hand-crafted at their distillery with non-GMO, locally sourced Kentucky-proud ingredients. The Bluegrass team takes pride in the ability to complete every step of the process, from mashing, fermenting, distilling in a 250 gallon copper pot still, aging and even labeling in their little distillery.

Plan Your Trip

There are several ways you can plan your ride around the Bluegrass State and make it convenient for you. On the Kentucky Bourbon Trail website you can pick and choose how much you’d like to discover. There are options to plan around public transportation, your love of mint juleps, or you can even go on a copper still tour, which will only take you to distilleries that make their spirits in a copper pot still. No matter how you decide to experience the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour, there is something to be enjoyed from every stop.