Esquire Magazine

PUBLISHED MAR 28, 2019 5 mins read

Esquire Magazine

PUBLISHED MAR 28, 2019 5 mins read

Esquire Magazine recently published an article that lists the best whiskeys from each state in 2019. They focused on the “smaller outfits that actually distill their own product”. Spirit Hub is proud to carry four of the whiskeys and six of the distilleries on their list.

Here are the four craft whiskeys and six distilleries Esquire selected and the states they hail from:

John’s Alabama Single Malt by John Emerald Distilling Company

John Emerald Distilling Company is from Opelika, Alabama. It was founded by a father and son who knew no one had produced a whiskey in Alabama since 1915, when Alabama instituted its own prohibition five years ahead of the rest of the country. John and Jimmy decided that the people of Alabama had been deprived for long enough, so they quit their former jobs to give the people what they deserved. The result is a whiskey that’s received recognition from not only Esquire, but also The New York Times, USA Today, The Food Network, and Southern Living.

John’s Alabama Single Malt whiskey is similar to a scotch production, but modernized to today’s palate, and localized to Alabama by smoking its malted barley with peach and pecan wood.

Whiskey Del Bac Dorado by Hamilton Distillers

Hamilton Distillers is located in Tucson, Arizona. It was founded by a father and daughter who had a simple, yet powerful idea: malt barley over mesquite instead of peat, just as they do in Scotland. But the Hamiltons have put their own Sonoran Desert spin on this idea by using mesquite from the area. The result is something special. As Esquire puts it, “If any little guys are going to surpass the big boys at their own game, they will have to create something completely different. Something like Whiskey Del Bac’s Dorado...”. We agree. Additionally, Hamilton malts, mashes, ferments, distills, barrels, and bottles all under one enormous roof.

Batchers Bourbon Whiskey by Litchfield Distillery

Litchfield Distillery is located in Litchfield, Connecticut. It was founded by three brothers who grew up in the area bottling water for their family business. Two of the brothers run the distillery, and they call themselves “The Batchers”. Batchers, for those not from Connecticut, were the hard-working early farmers of the region who coaxed wheat, corn, and barley fromits rocky terrain. David and Jack see themselves as modern-day Batchers because they coax the best ingredients from local farmers, and then use those ingredients to distill their spirits, one batch at a time.

This spirit claimed the Silver and Bronze medals in 2016 and 2017 at the SanFrancisco World Spirits Competition. Few awards mean more.

Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey by Atelier Vie

Founded by Jedd Haas, Atelier Vie is located in New Orleans. Jed’s mission is to create a variety of New Orleans style spirits from ingredients sourced in Louisiana only. Since Louisiana is the third largest producer of rice in America, distilling a rice whiskey was inevitable. This whiskey is not only the original Louisiana rice whiskey, it’s also the first whiskey produced in Louisiana since Prohibition.

Unfortunately, while we carry several of Atelier Vie’s spirits, as of this moment, Riz Whiskey is not available through Spirit Hub. But Esquire knows what it’s talking about when it comes to whiskey, so we’re working to add Rizin the near future. Please check back with us soon if you’re interested in buying it.

Cherry Whiskey by Grand Traverse Distillery

Grand Traverse Distillery is located in Traverse City, Michigan. It was foundedby Kent Rabish, a Michigander born to distill. Kent, however, didn’t just start Grand Traverse Distillery. He launched Michigan’s modern-day craft spirits industry by being the first to legally micro-distill in Michigan since Prohibition ended 86 years ago.

This spirit starts off as one of the best bourbons being distilled in America and then is made even better by adding locally-sourced tart cherry juice into the barrel for the last month of aging.

Double Barrel RallyPoint Rye by StilL 630

StilL 630 is from St. Louis, Missouri. It’s owner and operator, David Weglarz, started it out of his need to craft something. He always wanted his life to be spectacular, and he always wanted to create something that will be remembered long after he’s gone. He’s well on his way. Since StilL 630 opened, the awards have not stopped pouring in. As Double Barrel RallyPoint Rye is a limited run whiskey and rarely available outside the distillery, we do not currently carry it. We recommend trying their regular release RallyPoint Rye if you’re looking to experience one of their award-winning spirits.

Spirit Hub exists to bring craft spirits like these whiskeys to the forefront of the spirits industry and to your door in Illinois. We are leveling the playing field for craft distilleries around the country, and we promise that you will find the best craft whiskey in America in our collection. Just ask Esquire, or better yet, experience them for yourself.