Monday, December 14, 2020 15 mins read

Monday, December 14, 2020 15 mins read

Rye Opener Cocktail with Spirit Hub

Originally written by Jay & Leah Hall of @gastronomcocktails

We made a cocktail featuring six of Spirit Hub’s products from their Ultimate At Home Bar collection! A wide range of products perfect for the home bar enthusiast!

We have a brand new to us online source for craft spirits to introduce you to!

Spirit Hub

Spirit Hub is an online destination for customers to shop and learn about craft spirits and the independent distilleries behind each bottle. They have given fans of craft spirits access to independent distilleries that they could not access before.

Spirit Hub Unboxing

They are bringing new distilleries to market regularly, and connecting distilleries directly with customers. We don’t know about you, but having access to these smaller distilleries from all over is so exciting! When Jay and I travel, we inevitably bring home bottles from independent distilleries from wherever we traveled to. (We have even had to buy extra luggage to bring it all home!)


We love products that we can get easily at our local grocery store, but there is just something extremely special about liquors and liqueurs that are made in smaller batches. A lot of these products are more unique and bring something fun to the bar top with flavors and styles. This also means that if you order with Spirit Hub you are buying from small businesses all over this holiday season!

Spirit Hub has become one of the country’s foremost online retailers of craft spirits from independent distilleries that’s authorized to deliver straight to the customer’s door. They can ship to Illinois, Nebraska, North Dakota, and New Hampshire. But more states are being added – so make sure to check back!

The majority of craft spirits found on Spirit Hub’s site are those that cannot be found on shelves at your local grocery or liquor store because the independent distilleries they come from don’t have a way to sell their product outside their home state. Spirit Hub helps these independently owned distilleries reach new customers by providing them a way to sell their spirits in new markets.

200 distillery partners from 44 states and four foreign countries are currently on the site. More than 30% of the distillery partners signed on with Spirit Hub are either female or minority owned.

Shopping on Spirit Hub

There are even great shopping options that allow customers to find certified organic, kosher, Non-GMO and gluten free spirits, as well as advanced tasting profiles that will offer individual preferences for you: really spicy rums or caramel notes in a bourbon.


Spirit Hub is available online at, through the App Store, and Google Play.

The Spirit Hub Independent Distillery Preservation Fund

This year Spirit Hub launched The Spirit Hub Independent Distillery Preservation Fund (“The Fund”), a 501(c)3 not for profit organization to provide financial aid and resources for independent distilleries around the world. The creation of The Fund was accelerated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, when many of these businesses found themselves in need of support.


“Spirit Hub was founded on the premise of helping independent distilleries thrive and it was within that same premise that we created The Fund to alleviate the pressures facing independent distilleries across the United States,” said Michael Weiss, CEO and Founder of Spirit Hub. “The Fund will provide much needed support, financial aid and resources to independent distilleries greatly impacted by the pandemic and allow them to continue pursuing their passions and elevating the craft spirits industry as a whole.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the craft spirits industry hard, especially the mom and pop operations that didn’t have big corporations backing them,” said Kent Rabish, President of The Spirit Hub Independent Distillery Preservation Fund and owner of Grand Traverse Distillery. “The Fund will provide vital relief for those deeply impacted by the pandemic, and be a resource to help beyond that too.”

In 2021, distilleries interested in applying for funding from The Spirit Hub Independent Distillery Preservation Fund can fill out an online application to detail their request and explain their needs. Applications will be reviewed by The Fund’s board to determine the award.

To launch The Fund, Spirit Hub has made an initial $10,000 donation to be distributed to distillery recipients by the Board. In early 2021, Spirit Hub will launch the contribution matching program, whereby the company will match all donations made to The Fund by Spirit Hub’s customers.

Spirit Hub Collections

To start off our Spirit Hub adventure, we received the Ultimate Home Bar Collection from them! Spirit Hub has some great collections available already put together on their site, for inspiration or ideas. They have great small tasting boxes where you can sample different kinds of spirits, and they offer corporate gifts, too! 


They have collections for craft spirit beginners or even for beer lovers!


Our Ultimate Home Bar Collection came with liquors, bitters, syrups, glasses and even a decanter!

Rye Opener Cocktail

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