Thursday, November 12, 2020 7 mins read

Thursday, November 12, 2020 7 mins read

No matter your plans for the 2020 holidays, Spirit Hub x Tie Bar have the quintessential stylish sips for every celebration

Holidays 2020 are right around the corner. And in a year like no other, we cannot wait to start the celebrations. We’re ready to kick our shoes off and relax. Ready to spend time with family, eat unforgettable family heirloom recipes, and, of course, drink terrific cocktails. 

Getting presents is always nice too. 

This year, we’re teaming up with Tie Bar to take the pain out of holiday shopping. Our collaboration with Tie Bar features stylish sips and appealing accessories. With the Spirit Hub x Tie Bar Spirit Box, the 2020 holiday season just got infinitely more fashionable.

Class up each and everyone of your holiday celebrations with Spirit Hub and Tie Bar’s collaborative collection. It’s sure to make you the best dressed person at the party, no matter what your celebrations look like this year. 

Bold Fashioned Sense 

What would the holidays be without dressing your best? Sure, gathering around a table packed with delicious food and drink with your closest friends and family is great. But there’s nothing quite like getting a compliment on your tie. 

After all, you do look very dapper. 

The Bold Fashioned Sense Featuring Litchfield Straight Bourbon

The Bold Fashioned Sense is a stylishly robust cocktail recipe for the holidays.

Put an attractive new spin on a classic Old Fashioned with Litchfield Distillery’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It’s time to show off that Bold Fashioned Sense you’ve been working on since you got together with everyone last year.

5th Avenue

Going to the in-laws for the holidays can be intimidating. You didn’t say it, we did.  But this year, we have some advice to get you through it. First of all, dress your best. You may be heading there for Thanksgiving, but that is no excuse to wear your decades-old football jersey. 

It’s not the lucky charm you think it is, and is Number 20 even still on the team?

5th Avenue, Christmas 2020’s Favorite Cocktail

The holidays are a special time in New York, take a stroll through the streets with a 5th Avenue.

Second piece of advice, never show up empty handed. You’re already dressed to the nines, completely the outfit with a bottle of KOVAL Distillery’s Rye Whiskey. Finally, be ready to stir up 5th Avenues, the swankiest cocktail recipe for the holidays.

A Splash of Pink

Food, family, and friends are great. But we all know the real highlight of the holiday season. The days off. No responsibilities. Nowhere to be. No real reason to get out of your comfy, cozy pajamas. 

Nothing better than a day spent in slippers. 

Add A Splash of Pink The 2020 Holidays

A Splash of Pink, the perfect cocktail recipe for the holiday celebrations, no matter what they look like.

And when you have nowhere to be, what are you doing with your day? Make the days off even brighter by pairing your movie marathon with A Splash of Pink, our trendy take on the classic Cosmopolitan made with Manifest Florida Citrus Vodka by Manifest Distilling

Seta Rossa

Christmas 2020 calls for holiday parties at home. But that’s no excuse for keeping it casual. In fact, we insist you dress up. It’s still Christmas! So you better be busting out your Sunday’s Best.

Press your suit, iron your shirt, and get your tie knot just right. 

Our Dapper Negroni, the Seta Rossa

No matter what the 2020 holidays look like, make them more delicious with a Seta Rossa.

If you’re still searching for the perfect finishing touch for your holiday outfit, we have it. Best part? It fits in the palm of your hand. Try our nifty spin on a Negroni, the Seta Rossa featuring Probably Shouldn’t Distillery’s Old Tom Gin, on for size.

Tall, Dark and Handsome

In between all of your holiday festivities, you’re going to need some time to unwind. This year, you don’t need to leave the house to escape for a drink. Turn back the clock and bring everyone together over a board game.

Pro tip, pick one you know you’ll win. 

A Clean-Cut Cocktail for the 2020 Holidays

The Tall, Dark, and Handsome featuring Queen Charlotte’s Reserve 4 Year Carolina Rum.

As the competitive spirit slowly takes over, you’re going to need something to sip on. It’s never a bad time for a Dark n’ Stormy. Especially when it’s the Tall, Dark and Handsome featuring Queen Charlotte’s Reserve 4 Year Carolina Rum by Muddy River Distillery.

Dirty Little Secret

There’s the right way to ring in the New Year, and then there’s the wrong way to close out 2020. The wrong way is going to sleep before the ball drops in Times Square. The right way to celebrate New Years 2020 is with a dapper dram in your hand. 

Close out the year with something stylish in your glass. 

A Dirty Little Secret For New Years 2020

A dapper dirty martini is the perfect cocktail recipe for the holiday season. 

Set the tone for the night, and the rest of the new year, with the Dirty Little Secret made with Boot Hill Distillery’s Vodka. Because no matter how many years pass, the dirty martini will never go out of style. 

Spirit Hub x Tie Bar’s snazzy cocktail recipes for the holidays

Not only do Spirit Hub and Tie Bar have stylish cocktail recipes for every one of your holiday celebrations, we have an easy way to give the gift of classy cocktails to everyone on your list. Naughty or nice. 

Introducing the Spirit Hub x Tie Bar Spirit Box. Think of it as a closet overhaul, but for your bar cart.

Spirit Hub x Tie Bar Spirit Box

Spirit Hub x Tie Bar’s craft collaboration presents well-dressed drinks for the 2020 holidays.

Each Spirit Hub x Tie Bar Spirit Box is packed with the six craft spirits you’ll need to taste these trendy tipples. From the Bold Fashioned Sense to the Dirty Little Secret, with this stylish sampler pack you can try them all at home. 

And while the people on your list might appreciate another gift card, they could probably use a drink. Why not let them take their pick from six specially selected craft cocktails? 

Curated by fashion and flavor experts, Tie Bar and Spirit Hub.

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