Thursday, February 18, 2021 8 mins read

Thursday, February 18, 2021 8 mins read

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day At Home

While your celebrations may not look quite the same as other years, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good time!

After a holiday season heavy with driveway gift openings, socially-distanced get togethers, and zoom parties, you might be longing for a normal St. Patrick’s Day, filled with bar crawls, cultural parades, and all things green. 

Unfortunately, that’s not quite a possibility. But that doesn’t need to stunt the celebrations. Spirit Hub has a couple ideas to keep the festivities going until we can go out next year. It’s like they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Right?

From the very best St. Patrick’s Day cocktails to small batch, Irish-style whiskeys, Spirit Hub has all your St. Paddy’s essentials. And the best part? We’ll deliver everything you need right to your door. 

Luck of the Irish by Kilimanjaro Distillery

This gin cocktail is the festive replacement for that clichéd green beer this St. Patrick’s Day. With bitter melon liqueur and lime juice, your St. Paddy’s Day at home will be festive as ever. Kilimanjaro Distillery’s Xplorer Gin is the star of this deliciously fruity cocktail. Get everything you need to make the Luck of the Irish delivered to your door!

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Old Irish Fashion by Bent Brewstillery

This St. Patrick’s Day, put a distinctly Irish spin on a classic cocktail. Swap America’s Native Spirit for Bent Anchor Poitín. Made in conjunction with The Anchor Fish & Chips, this traditional Irish spirit comes from Bent Brewstillery. Slightly sweet, earthy, and smoky, the potato-based Poitín creates a complex dram in the Old Irish Fashion.

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Ishka Triple Malt Whiskey by Kerrs Creek Distillery

A blend of malted corn, barley, and rye from New York State to give you a taste of the Irish ‘Water of Life.’ Ishka Triple Malt gets its name from the phonetic spelling of the Irish Gaelic phrase for ‘water of life,’ Uisce Beatha. An American take on Irish malt whiskeys, Ishka’s hints of brown sugar, peppery spice, and caramel make it perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, or all year round. 

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Irish Coffee by Seven Three Distilling Co.

Start your St. Patrick’s Day off right with a brunch favorite. An Irish Coffee is the quickest and easiest way to get into the St. Paddy’s Day spirit. Brew a glass of your favorite coffee and add a splash of Irish Channel Whiskey by Seven Three Distilling Co. It’s just that simple. No matter the roast on your beans, the whiskey’s smooth notes of dried fruit and milk chocolate will make your cup of Joe all the more cheery. 

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Four Leaf Clover by Ghost Coast Distillery

Consider yourself lucky for finding this St. Patrick’s Day cocktail rarity. The Four Leaf Clover is a perfect balance of lime juice and three small batch spirits from Ghost Coast Distillery. Carthusian Bitters, Burl Gin, and Chalmers Cherry Almond Liqueur combine for a strong, flavorful punch. Even luckier, everything you need to make this celebratory cocktail is waiting to be delivered to your door. 

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Irish Channel Whiskey by Seven Three Distilling Co.

Irish Channel Whiskey was the first aged whiskey from Seven Three Distilling Co. A blend of 10-year American whiskey and a three-year old Irish whiskey, the award-winning small batch whiskey is named for the NOLA neighborhood, Irish Channel. A subdistrict known for blending Irish and American communities. Finished in cognac barrels, this whiskey is a one-of-a-kind sip to celebrate St. Paddy’s with.

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Irish Cold Brew by Painted Stave Distilling

Just because you’re a cold-brew person doesn’t mean you should miss out on Irish coffee. This St. Patrick’s Day, make it an Irish Cold Brew with a helping of Painted Stave Distilling’s Diamond State Pot Still Whiskey. Light tones of caramel, sweet notes of orange, and the slightest hint of spice, Diamond State Pot Still Whiskey make this the perfect St. Paddy’s afternoon pick-me-up.

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We’re going to miss cheering in the streets, and cheersing in the pubs this year. But we aren’t going to let that tamp down our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. And you shouldn’t either. 

Keep the festivities alive with an Irish-style whiskey. Or find a St. Paddy’s Day cocktail. However you decide to celebrate at home this year, get everything you need, from the spirits to the syrups to the glassware, delivered straight to your door. 

That might feel lucky, but luck has nothing to do with it. 

It’s just what we do here at Spirit Hub.