Thursday, June 17, 2021 15 mins read

Thursday, June 17, 2021 15 mins read

The Spirit Hub Summer Road Trip!

Since the advent of cars, road trips have been an incredibly popular summertime activity, right up there with bottomless brunches and a day spent at the ballpark. But with some parts of the country opening up slower than others, that dream cross-country haul might not be possible. That’s where we come in. 

All summer long, we’re hitting the road. Going state by state, paying virtual visits to some of our favorite independent distilleries. At every stop along the way, we’ll hear from the folks behind the uncommon craft, get a tour of the distillery, and learn how to make a delicious cocktail to sip on all summer. 

Come along with us and visit these craft distilleries, all without ever leaving your couch!


June 24th | Flag Hill Distillery & Winery | Lee, New Hampshire | RSVP here >

July 8th| Brickway Brewery & Distillery | Omaha, Nebraska | RSVP here >

July 22nd | Iron Fish Distillery | Thompsonville, Michigan | RSVP here >

August 5th | Virago Spirits | Richmond, Virginia | RSVP here >

August 19th | Proof Artisan Distillers | Fargo, North Dakota | RSVP here >

September 2nd | KOVAL Distillery | Chicago, Illinois | RSVP here >

June 24th | Flag Hill Distillery & Winery

Join us on Flag Hill Distillery’s Instagram Live at 2pm CST for an exclusive tour of the distillery, winery, & farm! Located on an 110-acre conservation easement, Flag Hill has been around since 1987 when they planted their first grapes. But it wasn’t until 2004 that they started distilling craft spirits, making Flag Hill New Hampshire’s first farm distillery.

As a farm distillery, they grow all of their grains for whiskey production on site. Their focus on growing quality raw grains is surpassed by few, and those grains shine due to their distilling process. Flag Hill distills their spirits ‘heavier’ than most, not only capturing aromatics, but oils as well, giving their craft spirits significant body, structure, and depth. 

On June 24th at 2pm CST, the Flag Hill Distillery team will be going behind the scenes of their farm distillery with us to give us a tour and shake up their “Live Free & Rye” cocktail with us, pictured below! Join our Instagram Live with them here.

July 8th| Brickway Brewery and Distillery

We’ll be going live from Brickway Brewery & Distillery’s Instagram account on July 8th at 2pm CST for an exclusive look at the combination brewery and distillery! On the brick-paved streets of Omaha, Nebraska’s Old Market District, Brickway Brewery & Distillery is turning back time to the pre-Prohibition days. As the first combination brewery/distillery in the city since Prohibition, Brickway welcomes drinkers through the ‘Gateway to the West’ with their variety of craft spirits and craft brews.

Brickway Brewery & Distillery was founded by Zac Triemert in 2013. With a Master’s Degree in Brew and Distilling from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, Zac is something of a local pioneer with endless accolades to prove it. Brickway’s undeniably talented team is laser-focused on making the highest quality craft spirits, and having a great time while doing it.

We’ll be stirring up a Manhattan, pictured below, with the Brickway team on July 8th at 2pm CST on their Instagram Live! Tune in as the team gives us an exclusive tour, answers audience questions, and tells us about the experience of making Nebraska’s first beer and spirits under the same roof since Pre-Prohibition!

July 22nd | Iron Fish Distillery

On July 22nd, we’ll be going live with the team at Iron Fish Distillery on their Instagram to mix up their signature cocktail and see their land! A reclaimed abandoned 1890s farmstead is home to Iron Fish Distillery. They’re Michigan’s only working farm devoted solely to distillation of small-batch craft spirits. Founded in 2015 by a team of married couples, the award-winning Thompsonville distillery is dedicated to replacing global with local.

Reworking their revitalized land, Iron Fish Distillery grows and harvests non-GMO winter wheat and rye for their craft spirits. Start to finish, Iron Fish does everything by hand. From planting to harvesting and milling. From fermenting to distilling, aging and bottle. Their award-winning, locally made craft spirits present you with the cleanest portrait of their Michigan community in every bottle.

Tune in on their Instagram account on July 22nd at 2pm CST as we get a look at Basecamp: Iron Fish at the peak of the season and stir up a Salted Maple Old Fashioned, pictured below, with them! This signature cocktail uses their Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Maple Syrup Barrels (our all-time best-selling spirit!) and their line of bitters along with their branded Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. Tune in here.

August 5th | Virago Spirits

Making our way down south, we’re stopping at Virago Spirits of Richmond, Virginia on our Summer Road Trip! Join us on their Instagram Live on August 5th at 2pm CST as we get ready for National Rum Day on August 16th! This distillery was born from a love of cocktails, the spirits that craft them and a Virago spirit for taking risks. Based in a former woodworking plant, this family-run distillery is creating award-winning craft rums.

The Haneberg brothers; Barton, Barry and Brad, along with Brad’s wife Vicki, always knew they wanted to start a business together. But their respective careers in law, investment banking and sales never afforded them that opportunity. But in 2013, the brothers’ lives were converging and Virago Spirits started coming together. 

During our Instagram Live, we’ll be getting a tour of Virago Spirits’ distillery, learn about the differences between their craft rums and mix up a Painkiller cocktail, pictured below, with us! Tune into this Summer road trip stop on August 5th at 2pm CST here.

August 19th | Proof Artisan Distillers

We’re traveling to another one of our markets, North Dakota, to visit the distillery making the state’s first legal whiskey since the end of Prohibition! Meet the team of Proof Artisan Distillers on their Instagram at 2pm CST on August 19th! Proof Artisan Distillers was founded by Joel Kath in 2014. An engineer by trade, his technical know-how coupled with his zeal for craft spirits and North Dakota is what birthed the distillery. All of their award-winning craft spirits are produced by Joel with locally sourced potatoes, barley and corn.

There’s a lot of North Dakota inside the walls of Fargo’s Proof Artisan Distillers. With an heirloom bar inside of the old Fargo Municipal Courthouse, Proof Artisan Distillers is crafting the state’s first legal whiskey since the end of Prohibition. They’re also distilling award-winning vodka, gin and aquavit.

We’ll be getting the inside scoop on this independent distillery while they shake up an extremely summery cocktail, a Watermelon Cucumber Smash, for us! Tune into our Instagram Live with Proof Artisan Distillers on August 19th at 2pm CST here

September 2nd | KOVAL Distillery

To round out our Summer Road Trip, we’ll be coming back to our homebase in Chicago and visiting KOVAL Distillery, right as we start celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month in September! Chicago hadn’t housed a distillery since the mid-1800s. Robert Birnecker and Sonat Birnecker Hart wanted to change that. They opened the doors to KOVAL Distillery in 2008. It wasn't long before their unique methods garnered them swaths of awards, and KOVAL became a pillar of the craft community.

KOVAL marries centuries of tradition passed down from Robert’s Austrian distilling heritage with modern technologies. The union continues to produce award-winning craft spirits. Robert distills their unique, locally sourced grains using a method known as the ‘heart cut’ approach, meaning only the purest 60% of the distillate is used in their craft spirits. And that means you get more flavor in your glass.

Join us on September 2nd at 2pm CST as KOVAL takes us on a tour and mixes up a Rosemary Smash, pictured below, for us! You can get all of your favorite KOVAL Distillery small-batch spirits delivered here ahead of time to sip on during the tour! Join our Instagram Live with them here.