Tuesday, May 26, 2020 4 mins read

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 4 mins read

Episode 12: Virtual Happy Hour with Wild Moon Liqueurs

This time, it’s all about liqueurs as Spirit Hub’s Virtual Happy Hour heads east for Episode 12 to visit with Lelaneia Dubay, owner of Wild Moon Liqueurs.

This independent distillery, located in the heart of The Nutmeg State, specializes in making the kind of sweet flavoring agents that add extra taste to mixed drinks, but are also enjoyed drunk neat or on the rocks by themselves. 

Lelaneia starts by introducing us to Wild Moon Liqueurs Lavender

“The aroma is big and heavy,” she says. “But it has a little bit of sweetness underneath.”

“That’s why it’s a favorite of mixologists,” Lelania continues. “Because it has so much texture and so much interest.” 

Next up to taste is Wild Moons Birch

“This is 25 pounds of white birch bark, with a little bit of vanilla and sassafras to help finish it like a root beer,” Lelania explains. 

“It makes fantastic, fantastic margaritas. Really unexpected.” 

After meeting these one-of-a-kind East Coast liqueurs, Lelania shows us what you can do with them; mixing up a pair of unforgettable craft cocktails - the Lavender Lemonade and Birch and Bourbon

This Virtual Happy Hour Facebook LIVE event may have come and gone, but you can check it out any time you like. 

Get up close and personal with Lelania Dubay and Wild Moon Liqueurs during Episode 12 of Virtual Happy Hour presented by Spirit Hub - the next best thing to being there!  

Shop Wild Moon Liqueurs here to get their Lavender Liqueur and Birch Liqueur shipped right to your door to taste along with us from home. 

Get everything you need to shake up a Birch and Bourbon or a Lavender Lemonade on their distillery page!

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