Thursday, May 28, 2020 4 mins read

Thursday, May 28, 2020 4 mins read

Episode 13: Virtual Happy Hour with Willie’s Distillery

Just when we thought we’d seen, tasted and mixed it all, Episode 13 of Spirit Hub’s Virtual Happy Hour lands us in the mountains of Ennis, Montana; right at the front door of Willie’s Distillery

Upon arrival we were greeted by Tori Williams, the distillery’s taproom manager, and Jerry Rogge, National Sales Manager at Willie’s Distillery. 

Later on, we’d be joined by a third, “unofficial” member of the Willie’s Distillery team. Things definitely get “hairy” for a minute. And we’re treated to the “wildest”, most unexpected special appearance we’ve had on the show to date!

The first craft spirit we get introduced to is their Snowcrest Vodka. Tori and Jerry waste no time showing us how it’s used to make one of the most popular cocktails in the area - their Purple Russian

“The reason it’s called the Snowcrest,” Jerry begins, “is literally there’s a mountain range behind us called the Snowcrest mountains.”

Next up is Willie’s Genuine Canadian Whisky

 “Our Canadian whisky is a phenomenal, genuine Canadian whisky!” says Tori. 

“It’s distilled and aged in Canada to make it a Candian whisky. Then it’s sent to us and we proof it with our water.” 

It’s the perfect whiskey for making incredible cocktails like the second recipe they shared with us: the Montana Bulldog

If you missed us LIVE on Facebook, no worries. You can view Episode 13 at your leisure. And trust us, this is on you’re definitely going to want to watch again and again!

So join us, Tori, Jerry and an indomitable special guest ASAP for Episode 13 of Virtual Happy Hour presented by Spirit Hub - the next best thing to being there!  

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