Treat yourself, or give the gift of craft spirits, with a bottle of small-batch miracles from America’s Heartland. These bottles, all from independent, Midwestern distilleries, are only available in Illinois from the collection at Spirit Hub.

Spirit Hub ships quality craft spirits
to customers in Illinois.


Buckeye Vodka

by Buckeye Vodka

Continuously distilled and charcoal-filtered in the Buckeye State for a smooth, consistent, impossibly clean taste.

$23.95 750ml


Peach Vodka

by Buck-U Distillery

Handmade, cream sweet corn vodka made with ripe, local peaches from the Kansas Pome on the Range Orchard.

$25.95 750ml


Winter Stormbringer

by Bent Brewstillery

A heavily-spiced rum cream liqueur with sweet heat, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg; born from frozen Minnesota winters.

$23.95 375ml


Great Faces Vodka

by Contraband Distillery

Like the monument that inspired its name, this vodka is a work of art; double filtered for a smooth finish and zero burn.

$25.95 750ml


Jack Pine Gin

by Northern Latitudes Distillery

Pure tasting, deeply regional gin made with Leelanau botanicals native to Michigan like jack pine seed and lavender.

$33.95 750ml


Honest American Single Malt Whisky

by Brickway Brewery & Distillery

Honest American whiskey, aged in New American oak barrels, by honest American artisans from the Cornhusker State.

$49.95 750ml


Corn Star Corn Whiskey

by 1205 Distillery

Artfully made with a blend of pure Indiana corn and Indiana peated malt to create the perfect balance of sweet and smokey.

$36.95 750ml


Steeple Ridge Bourbon

by Lonely Oak Distillery

Nutty Iowa bourbon with notes of cherry, vanilla, and toffee; made from estate grains harvested on site from the distillery farm.

$55.95 750ml


Door County Cherry Vodka

by Central Standard Craft Distillery

100% handcrafted, award-winning vodka expertly infused with local Door County cherries and fresh Wisconsin honey.

$32.95 750ml


Glen Fargo American Malt Whiskey

by Proof Artisan Distillers

Properly dry and finished to perfection in used bourbon barrels; the first whiskey from North Dakota since Prohibition.

$74.95 750ml


RallyPoint Rye Whiskey

by StiL 630

A smooth, well-balanced St. Louis rye made under the shadow of The Arch, using old-world methods of double distillation.

$44.95 750ml