About 1205 Distillery

1205 Distillery is dedicated to innovation and tradition, giving their craft spirits a truly unique drinking experience. Need proof? Look no further than their Four Finger Rye Whiskey, named for the sacrifice of a distiller who lost a finger while helping build the actual distillery.

In the capital of America’s Crossroads sits 1205 Distillery. Named for the date Prohibition was repealed, 1205 Distillery has been committed to celebrating the right to enjoy superior craft spirits since 2014.

Serving as the distillers since 1205’s inception, Brad Colver and Nolan Hudson purchased the distillery from its founder, Teresa Webster, in 2017. Their goal? Provide the people of Indiana with quality craft spirits made with the finest local ingredients. As the makers of the only craft wheat whiskey made in Indiana, one might say that they’ve succeeded.

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