About 4 Spirits Distillery

Staying true to the city’s motto of ‘Enhancing Community Livability,’ in 2017, Dawson Officer opened the doors to 4 Spirits Distillery in Corvallis, Oregon. What began as a small startup back in 2011, has grown into a thriving independent distillery with a full range of award-winning craft spirits, a special story, and a noble mission.

Dawson founded 4 Spirits to honor four friends he served with in the Oregon National Guard. The Corvallis distillery pays special tribute to their memory with its leading product: 4 Spirits Bourbon Whiskey. With each bottle sold, 4 Spirits donates 10% of the proceeds to local veteran reintegration programs where their spirits are distributed.

4 Spirits is driven by the idea that small businesses can make a powerful difference. They’re dedicated to supporting causes that help combat veterans heal through education, mental and social health support. The Corvallis distillery serves as a destination for travelers and craft enthusiasts in the Willamette Valley, enabling 4 Spirits to expand their reach. And their mission.

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