About Abasolo Whisky

Abasolo Whisky is the first dedicated whiskey distillery to come out of Mexico. And they’re doing it from farm to bottle. Founded in 2017, the craft distillery pairs heirloom corn and traditional Mexican processes to put tradition in every bottle of their award-winning small batch whiskeys.

At the center of Abasolo Whisky is a revered ancestral corn varietal. For more than 200 generations, Mexican Cacahuazintle has been cultivated and passed down by local farmers. The heirloom corn remains cherished after all those years because of its singular flavor and incredible texture.

Abasolo attributes the flavor in their incredible whiskey to their corn variety, but also their preparation technique. They prepare the corn using a 4,000-year-old cooking method called nixtamalization, a process that includes soaking the corn in a limewater, alkaline solution. The method is fundamental to preparing corn for food in Mexico, but has never been used for whiskey production.

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