About Exclave Spirits

Exclave Spirits is an homage to the lost stories of the Black community who helped advance distilled spirits. Founded in 2020, the New Orleans based, Black-owned brand uses their award-winning whiskeys to transform those forgotten tales into a vibrant, triumphant, and liberated future.

Being from NOLA, Exclave founder Andrew Albert has always had a passion for the city’s distinct spirit and cocktail culture. But it was learning about the crucial contributions of the Black community to the distilling craft, and how often those contributions have frequently been forgotten, that motivated Andrew to create spirits that honor them.

Every bottle from Exclave Spirits is grounded in their three core principles: authenticity, freedom, and self-determination. Using those intersecting conventions, Exclave strives to create spirits that are more than delicious. Their award-winning spirits spur conversation about, and connection to, the forgotten side of craft history.

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