About Falcon Spirits Distillery

Falcon Spirits Distillery’s range of award-winning craft spirits includes gin, brandy and amaro. It took them some time to get their, though. Falcon Spirits’ first product was their gin, the result of years of research by Faird. He individually distilled upwards of 50 herbs and spices and countless pounds of local citrus until he landed on the right combination. We’re glad they took their time. You will be too.

Just a stone’s throw away from the San Francisco Bay in Richmond, California, is Falcon Spirits Distillery. Founded in 2011, this small batch craft distillery is the product of career scientist Farid Dormishian.

Farid’s passion for distilling has been growing steadily his whole life. His grandmother was distilling brandies in her basement. As a graduate student, he worked in a lab studying ethanol production. He has since spent time bartending and taking classes on distillation, essential oils and perfumery. Farid opened a winery, Catalpa Creek, with friends, but realized that distilling craft spirits was his passion.

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