About Anteel Tequila

The name ‘Anteel’ is derived from the Antillean species of hummingbirds. Revered in Mexican folklore, the hummingbird is considered a symbol of positive energy, strength, courage, and elegance. Since 2017, Anteel Tequila has been distilling those legendary traits into every bottle of their award-winning craft tequila.

Driven by their passion for tequila’s rich traditional history, Anteel Tequila was founded by Don and Nayana Ferguson. The married couple fell in love with the decadent agave spirit years ago. That love turned to an idea, then a dream, and finally a reality when Anteel presented their robust products. Showing the world how tequila is meant to be enjoyed.

Anteel Tequila differentiates themselves by using a blend of Highland and Lowland agave to make their craft tequilas. But they truly set themselves apart with the world’s only Coconut Lime Blanco. It’s an award-winning, supremely approachable tequila meant to draw in those that would normally shy away from the agave spirit.

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