About Arbikie Distillery

For four generations the Stirling family has been farming the land at Arbikie. But their agricultural roots trace back even further, to the mid-1600s. Those centuries of tradition paved the way for Arbikie Distillery. The sustainable distillery in Scotland was founded by the Stirling brothers in 2014.

The family-owned estate is on a distinct piece of land marked by unique soil, turbulent weather, and a proximity to the raging sea. Arbikie makes their small batch spirits from the ground up. The grains are planted, sowed, tended to, harvested, and ultimately turned into award-winning spirits all at the single estate.

Arbikie isn’t only on the forefront of flavor with their craft spirits. They’re leading the way for sustainable spirits. Harnessing the power of nature, they Arbikie found a way to a climate positive gin. Which is to say, getting a bottle of Nàdar Gin for your bar cart is good for the planet!

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