About ASW Distillery

Overseas influence meets local distilling tradition at ASW Distillery, Atlanta’s award-winning independent whiskey distillery. Founded in 2011, ASW Distillery is one of the few distilleries in the world combining Scottish-type copper pot distillation with Southern-style grain-in distillation. 

College friends Jim Chasteen and Charlie Thompson founded ASW Distillery, bringing along Justin Manglitz, their Master Distiller with twenty years of craft distilling experience. Those two decades were inspired by a graduation present of a legendary bottle of Scotch whiskey and fueled by half-priced grains from his own homebrew supply shop. 

The singularities of ASW Distillery’s craft whiskeys are due to Justin’s unique distilling process and his love for the art of distilling. Their bourbon, rye, and malt whiskeys are distilled grain-in, a rare process that uses the entire mash, including solids. Cuts are made by Justin’s honest sensory evaluation. Because the process is individual to ASW Distillery, you won’t find whiskeys like these anywhere else.

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