About Atelier Vie

New Orleans is a great American drinking city. With the notorious Bourbon Street minutes away, founder Jedd Haas saw the need for Louisiana to be represented by the spirits served in NOLA’s world-famous establishments. Thus, Atelier Vie was born in June 2012.

Literally translating to ‘liquor studio,’ Atelier Vie understands the artistry and care that goes into distilling premium craft spirits, so much so that they built their distillery from scrap metal and other recycled materials. Hoping to stamp the distinctive characteristics of Louisiana into each of their award-winning craft spirits, Atelier Vie utilizes locally-sourced ingredients throughout their distillation process.

Honoring NOLA’s history with Absinthe, Atelier Vie distributed wormwood seeds to local farmers and utilized their crops for batches of their Absinthe Rouge and Absinthe Verte. Unique as the city itself, Atelier Vie’s award-winning ‘sipping gin,’ Euphrosine Barrel-Finished Gin, is aged in American whiskey barrels for nine months. Buck 25 Vodka has become a local favorite, frequently used by New Orleans establishments as a ‘secret ingredient.'

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