About Balcones Distilling

Known for emphasizing high-quality ingredients and drawing influences from all over The Lone Star State, Balcones Distilling has become synonymous with quality and innovation. From the very first day the idea was hatched in an old welding shop under a bridge, the Waco distillery has been driven by a passion for creating original, authentic craft whiskey.

The Balcones team built out the old welding shop into a shoehorned whiskey distillery. Proud of what they accomplished, distilling started in 2009. They’ve grown since then. Today, the award-winning Balcones whiskeys are made in a historic building in Downtown Waco, and they’re coming off copper pot stills fashioned by one of the finest artisans in Scotland, Forsyths.

At Balcones Distilling, ingredients matter. When searching for ingredients, they seek out rich flavors, like the Texas-grown grown blue corn that shapes Balcones Baby Blue. Equally important to the ingredients are the barrels the whiskey is aged in. Each of Balcones whiskeys are aged in highly customized casks to create complex and nuanced drams.

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