About Barrel House Distilling Co.

There’s a barreling house in Lexington, Kentucky that dates back to the late 1700s. Over the centuries, it’s been home to a number of legendary distilleries. Today, it’s home to Barrel House Distilling Co., an award-winning distillery founded by two lifelong friends that wanted to bring bourbon back to Kentucky.

Growing up in Kentucky, bourbon’s influence was unavoidable. As longtime friends, and Bluegrass State natives, Jeff Wiseman and Peter Wright grew older, they could not escape their native spirit’s pull. They began to realize that many of the bourbons they loved so much were owned by foreign entities. Not Kentucky residents. In 2008, they founded Barrel House Distilling Co. to bring bourbon back to its roots.

Barrel House Distilling Co. makes their award-winning craft spirits using only local grains. They distill those grains with limestone-rich spring water from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Though bourbon brought them into the business, Barrel House also makes moonshine, vodka and rum. No matter what you drink, drink something with a little Bluegrass in it.

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