About Bellewood Farms Distillery

Just miles from the Canadian border sits Western Washington’s largest apple orchard, Bellewood Farms. Owned and operated by the Abel family, Bellewood Farms Distillery distills award-winning, apple-based craft spirits on site at their Lynden farm.

At family-run Bellewood Farms, they know that there is nothing like the experience of gathering around food and drink with your family and friends. Having run a 25,000 tree apple orchard since 1996, the Abel family decided it was time to offer more than just apples and pumpkins. In 2013, they opened Bellewood Farms Distillery and began distilling farm fresh craft spirits.

The craft spirits from Bellewood Farms start on the branches of their orchard trees. Over 21 varieties of apples are distilled into five different award-winning craft spirits. Bellewood Farms Distillery highlights the patent juiciness of honeycrisp apples in their Honeycrisp Vodka. But if apples aren’t for you, they also distill a Pumpkin Spice Liqueur. Made from pumpkins grown on their farm, it’s a bottle of pure autumn warmth.

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