About Bent Brewstillery

In the Twin City suburb of Roseville, Minn., Bent Brewstillery has been steadily growing since owner and founder Bartley Blume was gifted a Mr. Beer kit by his wife, Brenda, in 2007. Bartley was hooked instantaneously, and he has not looked back since.

Admittedly, Bartley’s first batch of beer, named American Virgin, was not great. Undeterred, he kept at it. In the years that followed, Bartley read dozens of books and fell in love with the artistry of distilling. After a couple years of planning, he left corporate America in 2012 to focus on the Brewstillery full-time.

Bent Brewstillery’s M.O. is quality over quantity, making award-winning craft spirits that are different, creative and artistic. They have partnered with a number of renowned Minnesota establishments to produce their St. Croix Grappa, Bent Anchor Poitin, Coffee Stormbringer and Flamebringer rums. Their full line of craft spirits includes gin, rye whiskey, grappa, poitin and four different rums, including their Winter Stormbringer which is heavily-spiced with winter flavors making; the perfect companion to a crackling fire.

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