About Black Dog Distillery

With every small batch of their award-winning craft spirits, Black Dog Distillery stays true to their mission to create extraordinary, unique flavor profiles. From their very first day in 2016, the independent distillery in Plainfield, Illinois has been making small batch spirits that couldn’t have come from anywhere else.

Founded by Keith and Sonya Moore, Black Dog Distillery is one of the few women-owned distilleries in the country. A passion for pristine vodka brought Keith and Sonya to the craft spirits industry. And their shared love of animals gave their distillery their name. The name and logo are an homage to their two black mini schnauzers, affectionately known as their “fur babies.”

Each of Black Dog Distillery’s spirits are hand-crafted in limited 200-gallon batches by their master distiller. Producing in such a limited quality gives Black Dog Distillery more control of the unique flavors in their spirits. The Illinois distillery only uses sugar cane and all natural ingredients, like lavender, and never anything artificial.

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