About Black Star Farms

Sitting on 160-acres of scenic, rolling hills in Suttons Bay, Mich. is Black Star Farms, an old equestrian estate that has transformed itself into an all-in-one retreat. Nestled among its charming amenities is their distillery, pumping out the finest craft brandies that Michigan has to offer.

In 1998, distilling operations began on the farm, one barrel at a time. Black Star Farm’s brandies are known as eau de vie-style spirits, translating to ‘water of life’ in French. With each sip from Black Star’s expertly distilled bottles of brandy, you’ll taste pure Michigan. Only the finest local fruits are chosen to produce their award-winning brandies.

Traditionally, eau de vie brandies are used as aperitifs and digestifs before and after large meals, but Black Star’s craft brandies were made to be enjoyed a number of different ways. Use them to make distinctive cocktails for your next party, bolster a savory sauce or garnish a dessert. No matter how you enjoy them, there’s no wrong way to savor the taste of authentic Michigan.

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